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La empresa Zanfer se encuentra analizando varias formas de poder hacer boxeo profesional en estos tiempos donde la pandemia de la enfermedad del coronavirus está afectando a todos los sectores.

En el caso del boxeo profesional no se puede llevar a cabo por las restricciones del gobierno, pero si este, en su momento accede a realizar eventos con determinada cantidad de personas, la empresa se adaptaría.
Hi Donnie, I ran across some of your posts and I need to downgrade my Inspire 1 v2 with the x5r camera so that its can actually be functional again. Could you suggest to me what app, aircraft version and RC Version and camera version to use to get the most out of it. Right now its a hunk of non flying junk. I sure would appreciate it. Do you know where I can find the firmware as well> Thanks in advance. -Dean
Hi, pilots. For sale my I2 X7 Pro Res setup. Would like to sell it as a package, if possible. Always softly landed, perfect flights, don't seem to be doing much of the high end video work I put it together for. I usually try to buy and sell used equipment for a little more than 50% of retail w/o tax, so if purchased as a package, 55 % of retail rounded down. Pkg price 8750 + Shipping [email protected]%
Located VA US
Hi :)

How did you make the battery cables to charge?
I have a charger from smart power charger, that I intend to use to charge my inspire 2 batteries with. but I can't make the cables to work POWERCHARGE - HOME PAGE
Can you help me

I have had 2 batteries start to swell recently. Any input on what causes this to happen?
Hi! i see your post about the TB50 battery mount, did you solved? How do you turn on the battery? Would you please share the 3d print file of that withe mount? Thanks from Italy!!
I will buy it if it comes with a camera, will you take paypal or what do you require, thanks Dave tracy 702-305-8679 or [email protected]
It is the airframe, replacement part (or parts) props and prop adapters only, no cameras.
ok Thanks
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Good morning sir. Maybe I should have said, "Drone, primary controller AND RPIC (VLOS) are on site about mile away. The

second controller is in the manager shack watching the video feed on a monitor and controlling the camera.


Howard A. Griffin, Jr.​

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I re-read the post and realized I jumped to a conclusion that was not valid and deleted my post. My apology.
howard a griffin jr
howard a griffin jr
No problem my friend. Thank you for your response.....
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I am in Sydney, Australia. Is there anyone here from Sydney that would share some knowledge about purchasing an Inspire?
Hi, I am brand spanking NEW to the Drone world and Im hoping if anyone can shed any light as to which I should invest in, the Mavic or the Inspire. It seems the Mavic is a lot smaller and easier to manage. However, it seems the Inspire has a lot more capabilities for better reception and quality of pictures and video. Would that be about right?

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