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I sent the payment, on Wed and haven't heard from you since, do you have a tracking number ?
9500115225778288150392 is the tracking number.
I saw thepic of the "weight" it's actually balancing ring which I already have, are the filters for the 15mm standard lens on the X5? I'm assuming they are, how much for just those? do you take paypal, where are you located?
Yes they are for the standard lens. I'd do $75 on the filters alone. I was just kinda throwing in the balance ring since you can by it new for like $9. Yes I do use paypal and I am located in Ohio.
Send me a paypal request gp12trpl@aol.com for the filters and the balance ring, my lens stopped balancing right for some reason, when I originally got the Oly seemed right, but for some reason now it's nose light and if I'm flying in any kind of wind it bounces mad, so maybe with the ring I can grind till I find a happy medium, thanks dude $80 it is.
Interested in filters, could you specify? Maybe a TB48 also if you are willing to sell separate, also specify "weight for different lens please
For the filters and the weight I would sell for $80 separate. The filters are like brand new. I only used one filter out of the whole box. Then the weight I have never used becasud I never ended up getting the lens before I crashed. I do have someone interested in all the batteries so I'd rather sell them all instead of individually. If you have anymore questions please let me know. Thanks.
Okay I am working now. When I get off in the morning I will send you a request.
Yarom, Could you provide the ebay links to the parts for your payload drop design ? We have a M210, inspire and several phantoms we would like to add payload capability to for SAR use. Thanks, Mark TCSAR
I’m having trouble with my new inspire 1.2v with it not going any distance . No matter the distance it hit the limit at exactly 1643’?
Do you have the crystal sky bracket ? You said Cendence but I'm thinking you meant Crystal Sky. If so, and if I'm 1st, I'd like to purchase the RC with the Crystal Sky Bracket. Thanks, Mark
I’ll trade a P3 S for X3 even
We pay ship
Needs camera repaired
I have ALL the parts to repair it
Flew about 20 min max

Friend crashed it on first flight

I need that camera ASAP
Going to Arkansas on 14th

Sound ok
I can ship tomorrow
Crystal Sky ????? - New DJI app Called GSP in IOS but not in Google Play. Crystalsky runs on Android ?? Any help or Suggestions here

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