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Hi Mike,

I'm in Vancouver, Wa and I'm really interested in your drone. Can you tell me anything about how old it is and approx flight time?

Thank you!
Jammer-store.de is der Spezialist für Handy-Störsender 和 GPS-Störsender, WIFI-Störsender 和 GSM 3G 4G 5G-Störsender, UHF / UKW Störsender, Drohnen-Störsender, Militörischer Störsender, hochleistungs-Störsender Drahtloser Video-Störsender usw。
Hello pilots. Currently flying DJI phantom pro. Mavic 2 zoom, GoPro Karma and Typhoon H Pro. Just purchased Inspire 1. No flights yet. Currently licensed with the FAA.
Welcome! In a previous chapter of my life I lived in Sheridan, and then Laramie. There's a lot of beautiful country out there in WY.
SD cards have become very popular for drones, because they enable you to store footage from your flights on them. The default microSD card included with the DJI Air 2S is a good one. But there are even better options out there that offer more capacity, faster read and write speeds and higher reliability.

Hello! I'm filming with my inspire 2 with x5s and between flights the camera display stopped working! I can change settings, take pictures, and record video, but can't see any of it from the main camera. Only view is fpv. I'm using a cendence remote and crystal sky monitor with it. I'm in Mexico currently with terrible internet, so it's tough to research!


I see you were looking for at another inspire 2 that someone was selling and if you are still interested at all I am going to get ready to sell mine with very low hours and I am in Alberta as well so no shipping across the border. Anyway I will be posting it but if you want to see or hear the information sooner just let me know.

John Boylan
Hi FlyHighUSA,
I have a M100 with an x3 and a secondary N1 Video encoder(not installed). you seems to know the M100 really well so I was hoping I could ask you a question. Do you know if it is possible to have the N1 installed on the M100 to provide a switchable second camera ?

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