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I have downloaded firmware into the drone hopefully it is the right one , now just need the update for the remote they’re saying firmware 1.7.80 Tell you the truth I lost here can someone help me
Can anyone please help me I bought a Inspire 1 and it’s never been flown .It was in storage for almost 3 yrs . I thank I have the drone its self updated but now can’t get the .controller to connect .And can’t get on the DJI Go app
I have recently acquired an Inspire 2 to add to my stable of drones..I have been using the P4Ps and wanted a superior platform for video..Which zoom lens is best for the X5s camera?
How may charges on the batteries? Looks like it is mint condition. Any hard landings?
Elevated Vision
Elevated Vision
thank you for noticing the condition, most charges were due to me recharging thinking I was going to fly then not, I was always trying to be ready haha.
and no this bird is my bb so it was never brought down hard and maintained the best I could. Hasn’t been flown for quite some time if I had to guess close to over a year little after the i2 came out
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Elevated Vision
Elevated Vision
I used the Angel battery tender / deep cycling unit every 20 charges to maintain the life span.
Are you aware that Slantrange is offering the 3PX for 50% off. I believe this is because they want to sell their new product the 4P. It makes me think they will discontinue the 3 series or just will stop selling it and replace entirely with the 4P. I would like to have the unit you are selling but can't afford your price.

JD Simpson
Make an offer Mr Simpson.
I'm deeply immersed in this **** hobby and still disappointed in the X5, X5S, Z3, and quality of photos. I'm a decent DSLR jockey, know 'light', settings, priorities, and calibration, but can't seem to even come close to my Nikons nor Sony mirrorless. And I'm talking about prime lenses too. Are you giving up, or have you moved on to something else? E.g what's that expensive one FarFly or something like that . . .?
Amateur inspire owner, enjoys bird and fixed wing flying , learning all the time.
Enjoys trying to do something a bit different and editing footage etc etc
does anyone have a problem flying an Inspire 1 further than 1600 ft.? I can fly any further. I have line of sight from where I fly of about 2500 with my other drones. all my settings are at maximum. Suggestions?
Sorry for the confusion as seems this is a sometimes not-friendly website. But, will make an offer on the X5S (I have lenses) and the batteries. $1200 for the X5S and I will pay $100 per battery, or, $800 for all eight. These are some of the prices I've seen on eBay and are not lowest, nor highest, but a reasonable middle of the road.eMail [email protected]
X5S gimbal only? No lens?
As of today, 4 batteries were sold along with both Olympus lenses.
Hey Donnie!
I watched your video about Unbricking my Inspire 1 with the "Magic Key".
Followed your instructions and VOILA!!
The bird turns into a regular disco party of lights and noises.
Alas, I'm back to a solid red light and constant buzzzzzzzzzzzz.
I guess it updated everything to the point where I've been in Firmware update hell.
Are you still around ?
[email protected]
I'm still learning of lenses for the x5s I want to know what lenses work with the x5s is it only the Olympus m f/1.8 Digital lenses that work with the x5s I have a 15 mm a 45 mm and a 25 mm I'm looking for a zoom in lens a I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is the best zoom lenses is for the x5s thanks
Cat Eyes
Cat Eyes
Can you even control the "zoom" while you're airborne? If you can't, what's the benefit of having a zoom lens?

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