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  1. Casey53
    You might need the Sinars! :D I had to scrounge around eBay to find the CC Green ones. I had to use a stronger CC 10 Green for the stock lens too where the Olympus 45mm took a CC 5 Green. I...
  2. Whitestone
    Wow!!, someone who still uses CC filters! I was about to get rid of all my Sinar ones; might have to keep them now.
  3. Dragonfly 1
    Does any body know what the best tele is, regarding distortion issues (pincushion) as well as (barrel). I am currently using the Olympus 14-42mm ez and it works great for stills, but I'm getting...
  4. VaDroneGuy
    That's cool that it last 4 years. I had no idea. What would really be cool to see is the request that got you that waiver.
  5. Juntman
    can you carry in this case without having to put the craft into Travel mode? (Not as if ide want to leave my X5 attached rolling around in it, personally, as i am an Inspire 1 Pro owner) It would...