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Recent content by Advexure

  1. Advexure

    Cinematic clouds & fog over Atlantic City - Laowa 9mm Zero - D lens

    So dramatic! Nicely done. Love the new Laowa 9mm! 👍
  2. Advexure

    Inspire 2 Landing Gear Middle Frame Part 19

    Yes, I do believe you can get at the servo this way but unless you have access to another one of these DJI servos from another I2 craft there is no way to procure just a servo for the landing gear actuator.
  3. Advexure

    Best camera/lens for stills

    For solely stills I would say the value of the X5S at 20.8MP ($1,899 + $349) is better than the X7 at 24MP ($2,699 + $1,429). As already mentioned, the Olympus 25mm is a crisp lens. Have never tried the Autopano Giga 4.4 software...thanks for sharing that @Dobmatt 👍
  4. Advexure

    Landing gear

    Hi @Mheight724, the X7 does sit quite low on the Inspire 2 but it should not be hitting when the gimbal is powered. If the aircraft is not powered on and the gimbal tilts it may hit the ground. Have you replaced your gimbal vibration dampers recently? With the weight of the X7 these dampers get...
  5. Advexure

    For Sale: Inspire 2 Remote Controllers (multiple available)

    Unfortunately these remotes are no longer available.
  6. Advexure

    For Sale: Inspire 2 Remote Controllers (multiple available)

    You are most welcome, thank you and safe flying.
  7. Advexure

    For Sale: Inspire 2 Remote Controllers (multiple available)

    Just sent you a PM. Thanks
  8. Advexure

    SOLD: (4) TB50 Batteries

  9. Advexure

    SOLD: Zenmuse X5S Camera (No Lens)

  10. Advexure

    SOLD: (4) TB50 Batteries

    I believe you should have heard back from us. If there is anything else you need please let us know. Thanks!
  11. Advexure

    SOLD: DJI TB50 Battery Station (Used)

    We should be able to. Please PM or email us at [email protected] with your complete shipping options and we can let you inside what options we have. Thanks!
  12. Advexure

    SOLD: DJI TB50 Battery Station (Used)

    Ha! Don't we all! :p
  13. Advexure

    FAA registration

    We've had few of the Dymo LetraTag Label Makers in our office for a few years and they get LOTS of use! These things are great! Honestly didn't know they were so cheap! I guess they get you on the label tape cartridges for years to come. :) The metallic grey labels that @UASguy79 is referring...
  14. Advexure

    SOLD: DJI TB50 Battery Station (Used)

    We have a DJI TB50 Battery Station that is used and in good working condition. Please see attached pictures. The case does have a few labels/stickers on it and scratches from regular use. ****SOLD**** Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!