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Recent content by AIT

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    What Firmware ???

    The latest xt firmware was released earlier this year and one of my employees immediately updated our zenmuse xt-640. It is version 1.31 and it immediately had the above notes issues. That was also the same time our Z3 camera started having massive lag issues to the point we had to stop using it...
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    What Firmware ???

    We upgraded to the latest firmware in may or june and have had nothing but problems since. We have been unable to downgrade. Since the new firmware all videos are saved in exactly 3x compressed speed so when they play back they are playing 3x faster. This is TERRIBLE for Inspection reviews. We...
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    Xenmuse XT image inverted upside down

    Yeah I tried searching previous versions and all I have come up with is the new version. Thanks for looking though
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    Xenmuse XT image inverted upside down

    Hey is there anyway you could send me a copy of the previous firmware version? I am going nuts since the last update (I have stopped updating any of my other equipment but for some reason decided to update my xt and now it records to the sd card at an extremely compressed rate) like a 9 min...
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    XT Camera not recording to SD card !! Arghhhhhhhh!

    I have had some major issues since updating to the most recent firmware. My xt was working perfectly until I updated, now it is recording video in a compressed state so when I record 12 minutes of video it shows it as a 3.5 minute video on the sd card and plays it back extremely fast! I have...
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    Inspections, mapping - 9mm or 13mm lens?

    I have had flir vue pro's and zenmuse xt models of both 640 and 336. The 13 mm is definitely better in the 640 models. My 9mm is far too wide fov for accurate measurements at more than about 50ft away compared to the 13 mm that is 3x that.
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    What Firmware ???

    I have been having problems with my zenmuse xt since I upgraded to the latest firmware, I have been trying to figure out how to downgrade my firmware but no luck yet. I would NOT upgrade to the most recent firmware