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Recent content by aredub83

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    Looking for the DJI M600Pro RTK system

    Just sent you an email regarding the DRTK unit. I had it listed on the Facebook page.
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    SOLD: Inspire 1 Pro + X5 + Accessories

    I'm interested. I'd like to talk to you about this setup. Can you shoot me a PM?
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    Inspire 1v2 with x5r and 3x tb47

    Your ebay listing says local pickup. So are you not willing to ship? I need something ASAP here in Houston.
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    From TX

    Good morning! I am with HTS Advanced Solutions. We are a 3D solutions company that got into the Aerial game last year. We provide aerial mapping, Aerial/Vehicle based LiDAR, and Thermal Inspections. Looking forward to learning more about the I2 platform!