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Recent content by BigAl07

  1. BigAl07

    UAS: The FAA Tightens the Screws

    In a story titled: UAS: The FAA Tightens the Screws Plane-ly Spoken March 14, 2019 by Mark E. McKinnon UAS operators will be facing greater oversight and inspections from local Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) under a new National Policy recently issued by the FAA. The document...
  2. BigAl07

    USA FAA Part 107 sUAS Recurrent Test ~

    This thread is just for those who have already passed their Part 107 RPIC test and are coming up on their 24 month time period to become current again. Here's a great video by one of our sponsors Gold Seal giving some pertinent information about the P107 Recurrent Test. If you are a Part 61...
  3. BigAl07

    Inspire 1 SAR Team Questions

    Good morning. I didn't read the whole thread so my information could very well be "redundant" so if it is I apologize. We have been "doing SAR" with sUAS for a couple of years now. Unfortunately the nature of SAR is shoe string budget so we are always trying to "come up" with ways to do more...
  4. BigAl07

    First flight waiver over crowds

    I'm not sure why some places are "reporting" this as new. This was issued to CNN in August 2016. 8/29/2016 8/31/2020 Cable News Network, Inc. (CNN) Greg Agvent (PDF) 107.39 Operation Over Human Beings Also take notice it was "Revised" in July of 2017. 7/20/2017 7/31/2021 Cable News Network...
  5. BigAl07

    ND filters - are they all the same?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that as well. A bit over inflated on the pricing table aren't they. I'd bet @msinger has a link to ND Filters and maybe even a review??? Worth a shot to ask him.
  6. BigAl07

    Using rooftop TOLA

    @Donnie Frank your work always impresses me brother.
  7. BigAl07

    GPS coordinates and bearings

    I'd say Litchi is a good option. If you don't already have it this is an excellent "excuse" to get it.
  8. BigAl07

    Flying for CBS 60 Minutes

    Very creative of you. Well done :)
  9. BigAl07

    Stolen Drove Footage

    Wrong!! Oh how many ways is this incorrect..... First let's start off with this.. the moment you click the shutter (or shutter button) the work is yours unless you are working for a client to take pictures for them (say a magazine photographer for instance) or unless you actually SIGN the...
  10. BigAl07

    Civilian drone crashes army helicopter

    Well it "Officially" happened. It looks like a lot of the speculation can be put to rest (and some more will now come to the surface). NTSB Investigating Collision Between Drone, U.S. Army Helicopter 10/5/2017
  11. BigAl07

    Stolen Drove Footage

    They did work out a deal where both parties are equally happy now.
  12. BigAl07

    Stolen Drove Footage

    They were "Discussing" it last night. Looks like they have come to some kind of "Agreement" of sorts.
  13. BigAl07

    Stolen Drove Footage

    It's been removed by YT due to the complaint filed. Well done :)
  14. BigAl07

    How to apply for emergency Airspace authorizations - IRMA?

    The link below is a great place to ask this question: UAS for Public Safety - Working Group Se requiere un control de seguridad But to sum it up here you go: Special Governmental Interest (SGI) Addendum Formerly called Emergency COAs DRIVER JO 7200.23 prescribes the procedures regarding the...
  15. BigAl07

    Flying for CBS 60 Minutes

    I'm with FDS here.. every chance you get to fly in a "Unusual" area I snap lots of extra pics for use later. Looks like a fun gig. Congrats :)