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Recent content by BirdCraft

  1. BirdCraft

    Willing to host a meet and greet in ATL, GA

    We have an office west of down town at Brown Field Fulton County Airport. We are willing to host an event in August if others are interested. We are a professional aviation group. Www.thebirdcraft.com for more info on us. We are looking forward to feedback.
  2. BirdCraft

    Transporting Inpire 1

    How are you guys dispatching with your inspire 1. The best locations are remote and i feel like terrorist carrying this "suit case" sometimes. Im thinking about buying those backpack straps for the case right now.
  3. BirdCraft

    WTT: My x5 with kit lens for x3

    I would like to upgrade one of my inspires to an X5 as well. DM me
  4. BirdCraft

    Damaged X5 camera without lens

    How much
  5. BirdCraft

    Early August in the Atlanta Georgia area

    I am interested. I run an aviation company at Kfty. Keep me posted.
  6. BirdCraft

    Zenmuse x3 roll arm replacement

    Mind you, he sold me X3 roll arm and ribbon, just the parts. He did not have to answer my questions about doing the maintenance myself so I am thankful for their guidance. I got the parts in a week. Will keep u posted on ribbon install.
  7. BirdCraft

    Zenmuse x3 roll arm replacement

    Fix ‘n Fly Drones – Fast 1 Week Drone Repair Their website says they do repairs as well
  8. BirdCraft

    Zenmuse x3 roll arm replacement

    New arm, ready for install
  9. BirdCraft

    Zenmuse x3 roll arm replacement

    I got it! With the help of Tim from Fix n' Fly Drones (which is also where i purchased the roll arm). I was told that you have to cut the base of the arm to relieve tension to get the chrome plate out. I found the chrome plate glued in and made a few cuts with the dremel to get the chrome plate...
  10. BirdCraft

    Zenmuse x3 roll arm replacement

    Another tech provided me with vague info saying that the shaft either screw out or the magnet comes out....?
  11. BirdCraft

    Zenmuse x3 roll arm replacement

    Thanks. I did watch this video previously and he does not disassemble that part completely.
  12. BirdCraft

    Zenmuse x3 roll arm replacement

    I am replacing a broken x3 roll arm. I am unable to complete the task because i am unsure about how to remove the silver plate and axle from base of arm. Will someone please help me? Thanks in advance.
  13. BirdCraft

    DJI Inspire 1 parts for sale

    Do you still have x3 vibration board with brackets that provide mounting to fuselage?
  14. BirdCraft

    USA Logbook Recommendation?

    Keeping a paper maintenance logbook is an excellent idea. Per the FAA you have to maintain your sUAS according to the manufacturer right? I use the DJI Inspire v.2 which says I have to do a inspection every 200 hours or 50 flight cycles. The maintenance inspection is on their site. You have to...
  15. BirdCraft

    USA Certified 107 traveling abroad

    Hey, @Maverik . I just did a quick search and became waste deep real quick. Any acquaintances over there that can call EASA for you? I think that would be the easiest way to get quick sure answers.