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Recent content by BirdUp

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    For Sale : Inspire 2 Kit

    For what it's worth.. I have both the 25mm and 45mm Oly's on my IN2 and they're very good. That's great price on those lenses.
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    WTF, Litchi ???

    I feel your pain Dobmatt. I had the same thing happen to me with Litchi in front of the client no less. Fortunately, I was able to make my iPhone a hotspot and re-authenticate the lic and was able to carry on. You're absolutely right though, about Litchi's re-auth method, it is STUPID. Plus, I...
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    Inspire 2 Equipment For Sale ****ALL SOLD****

    PM Sent about the TB50's (< 40 cycles)
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    Inspire 2 Hover

    My stock I2 with the X5S (latest firmware) does the same irritating "DJI dance" and I recently was very dissappointed with hover footage I shot which was so bad it was unuseable. I'll also try the gain settings but DJI really needs to fix this issue.
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    Opinion charger battery TB50

    So can you charge three TB50's at a time with the Yx without risking matching the voltage in pairs? I have purchased two of these Yx chargers because the first one cooling fan burned up.
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    DJI Flight Simulator

    I'm having serious trouble with the new Sim. I'm running it on a up-to-date Windows 10 virutal machine running the latest Paralells on a brand new 27" iMac with 64 GB of RAM running the latest Mojave macOS 10.14. After creating a new folder called DFS on the C:Drive it finally installed with no...
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    REVISED: Inspire 2, X5s, DNG Raw & Prores license, CINESSD 480

    Is the SSD still avail?
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    Inspire 2 x5s premium package for sale $3200

    Still have the SSD?
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    USA Need drone pilot in San Diego, CA 9/14 - 9/16

    Hi, I have an I2 with the X5S (licensed and insured) and would stay in San Marcos for that weekend. What's the compensation? BirdUp