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Recent content by Black Sky

  1. Black Sky

    Albany, NY area?

    Black Sky NYOA Race. (we host motorcycl racing) or instagram. Black Sky Entertainment.
  2. Black Sky

    Albany, NY area?

    In the Adirondack mountains during the summer and in Binghamton in the fall. Key West Florida in the winte. What do you fly?
  3. Black Sky

    Anything I can learn before purchasing used I1?

    I have 6 inspire 1s..... and we film with a fleet of 4 inspire2...we really don’t fly the 1 anymore .I often think with a 360 cam they might be of use . The batteries will become a nightmare To find in good condition.
  4. Black Sky

    Vehicle mount Inspire 2

    Oh I will share some of our footage soon, I have three different versions that all work pretty well.
  5. Black Sky

    Vehicle mount Inspire 2

    Turn off all sensors... never had a esc problem, but you will get plenty of....”you can not take off” warnings. Haha well no kidding. I have a few new projected rigs and will share soon.
  6. Black Sky

    Vehicle mount Inspire 2

    You will need all antenna for sure. It’s far more complicated than just drilling two holes through the bottom. you need to remove all the power supply block that supplied the motors. Or at least shrink wrap it. You will need to be very careful in this area. That is a fair amount of voltage and...
  7. Black Sky

    Summer Breeze

    Haha nice! We have been filming in the Caribbean for the last few months....this is something that I had thought of building. It’s 95F some days.
  8. Black Sky

    New Pilote From Montréal

    Welcome, I spend part of my year in the Adirondack mountains (lake placid) just south of you and the rest in Key West FL. Do you have anywhere to fly or did they fix the laws yet?
  9. Black Sky

    How to compete?

    Haha... rbycapri thank you for the kind words and making me laugh....I do love that proverb. Yes my son is lucky...he knows it but he is a truly amazing editor and I am pretty smooth with a drone but he is even better. It’s because he works so hard at learning to edit and evolve as well as...
  10. Black Sky

    How to compete?

    I am familiar with the area....that’s just stupid close and I wish somebody would hold these people responsible. I live in the Adirondack mountains part of our year and Key West Florida for the rest. We run a full time filming business in key West that is all class C airspace or military. We...
  11. Black Sky

    Obstacle Avoidance System is dead ... (SOLVED)

    Yeah both of our air use inspire 2s are doing the same thing.....we just ignore it but it is annoying. Our cresendence is lacking range as well?
  12. Black Sky

    I guess I won't be buying one of these any time soon...

    True, but I think for the x7 ability...we have done more with one than most ever thought possible. My thought is: it’s a complicated piece of equipment but it has an amazing capability to shoot epic footage at a portion of the price of a RED cam. It is very true that all you see here for the...
  13. Black Sky

    I guess I won't be buying one of these any time soon...

    We have done several hundred jobs and own four inspire 2s with two x7 setups. Love the lenses and Have a 9mm as well......we have none of these issues to date. I built two of the inspire 2s into ground use rigs and they give us a connection issue now and then when using multiple controllers...
  14. Black Sky

    Inspire 2

    A drone like the inspire 2 requires a lot of reading and understanding before just flying. You must also understand that as a pro or hobbyists we all need to know the rules and follow them....if not we stand the chance of ruining this for all. We have 107 in the states and hold multiple...