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Recent content by Brian Martinez

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    Battery cell broken

    That's what I use mine for, sent it in and they gave it back but also gave me a new battery.
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    Bad Cell TB48 (Any Fix)

    I have one as well and I just use it in the inspire when I just need it on to for whatever reason, like downloading media or checking camera but I never fly with it.
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    Phantom 3 Standard with follow me, point of interest and waypoints...

    I haven't updated yet, what's going on with fw?
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    Anybody buy from Cinedrones and used Lease station?

    I posted a concern for financing from drone sect.com using lease station and received a negative reply. I was told it is a lease and interest is around 35%
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    Wow think I will reconsider, thanks.
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    The credit app page is down. Thanks for the info.
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    Is dronesetc.com legit? Has anyone had any dealings with them? They seem to have a very easy finance plan on several models but I have never done business with them nor do I know anyone who has. Thanks.
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    DJI I1 Parts, make offer

    At this point I am not looking to piece out while parts but if I do I will let you know. Thanks
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    DJI I1 Parts, make offer

    Long story short, sent I1 in for repair or replace camera and requested my pieces be returned. Received I1 but no pieces as promised. Contacted DJI they said "We dont return pieces" I explained to them that I want my pieces back or if they are keeping they need to issue me a credit toward my...
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    No Image / No Signal

    Also tried that. Thanks.
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    DJI Pilot App "Director" says "System Error"When attem

    When attempting to "make memory" it gives me a "system error". In other words after loading all my files and reviewing my video I select save. It saves up to about 53% and then stops and gives me a system error. I am using an iPhone 6 plus. Any help appreciated.
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    No Image / No Signal

    I wrestled with the same problem, went through all the steps with support and basically ended up with them saying the dreaded three words "send it in". I haven't yet because I was filming for the 4th. How did you convince them to send a new camera?
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    Inspire 1 and vision2 v2 forsale NY/LI

    Can u send pics?
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    Florida Fireworks

    Awesome video, what did you use to edit? I had been using iMovie but it compresses and distorts the file when I email it.