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Recent content by Dallasfreak

  1. Dallasfreak


    and yes iPad mini 4 the update was a surprise to me when i went to fly and has been a headache ever since.
  2. Dallasfreak


    Remote.....I really didn't want to update but the forums told me to try it.....
  3. Dallasfreak


    THANKS on it now....did you have the same problem?
  4. Dallasfreak


    So I updated and still no image app 2.8.6 bird 1.9.130 1.7.40 remote cam help please
  5. Dallasfreak

    No image transmission

    just tried to update to v1.9.1.30 updating good beeps for 15m then solid beep tried 2 times ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. Dallasfreak

    No image transmission

    no i.03 still
  7. Dallasfreak

    No image transmission

    I have been working like crazy and decided it was time to fly again .I noticed the new update go app .I turn on to this no image transmission . Everything else works took her up about 30 feet no issues. I am using ipadmini 4 . Please help. No video is keeping me grounded
  8. Dallasfreak

    Announcement, March 1st.........

    They plan on buying all of the inspire1s that will be grounded soon .....AHHHHH why can't we just fly.
  9. Dallasfreak

    FAA Registration

    I Just took a long poop on the toilet :oh my bad that was my registration..:)
  10. Dallasfreak

    2015 Demo Reel

    BAD ***!!!!!!
  11. Dallasfreak

    Inspire X3 not compatible with OSMO handle

    **** ,,,, really That was one of my Christmas gifts.....AHHHHHHH
  12. Dallasfreak

    OK. Who Was It?

    It was me . Can you please send the parts back to my address at pensacola Florida
  13. Dallasfreak

    Inspire 1 new propulsion system with 420KV motors and new prop mounting/locking mechanism

    and the V2 is 200.00 more......I am happy with my bird ,but hoping that we will be able to install the new blade locks
  14. Dallasfreak

    Pensacola Interstate Fair

    I wanted to get closer but some **** Helicopter was giving rides. The fair is in the right corner.