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Recent content by Daniel Harrell

  1. Daniel Harrell

    DJI confirming X5S or X7S compatibility with I3?

    Thank you for this. I own the I2 with X5s, I have the DJI 15mm and the Olympus 45mm, and I agree with all that you said. I haven't played with the 25mm. I'm interested now. Like the OP, I hope that DJI learned their lesson with the fiasco between the I1 and the I2 (I own both and nothing was...
  2. Daniel Harrell

    M210RTK Ghost - Really Need Some Help

    I took my M210 RTK with XT2 and Z30 out for a tower inspection in March. When I got back I had no photos on my cards. I kicked myself for not checking my photos on location, but it was a test flight so I wrote it off as operator error. Three days ago I got called out for an emergency. When I set...
  3. Daniel Harrell

    Anyone look into putting a Zenmuse on a Robomaster yet?

    I'd love to be able to pull my Zenmuse X5s off my Inspire 2 and attach it to an RC car for some low ground shots. Has anyone explored this? Do we know if DJI has any way of doing it?
  4. Daniel Harrell

    Crystal Sky Screen, any improvement?

    I had my CS 7.85 Ultra for 15 months and a hundred flights without problem. I took it out on a hot day and 20 min into my flight the backlight blew. Sent it to DJI and they want $540 to repair. I mentioned that these were prone to failure when I bought mine, but they just said it was out of...
  5. Daniel Harrell

    CrystalSky backlight failure - quick fix

    I have requested my monitor back from DJI. I’ll post if the fix works.
  6. Daniel Harrell

    CrystalSky backlight failure - quick fix

    Greetings. I purchased my CS 7.85” Ultra in Feb. of 2018 and used it for dozens of flights. A couple of weeks ago I took it out on a hot day and the backlight died. If you hold a flashlight up to it, you can still see it working, but it’s useless. Sent it to DJI for repair and they want $500 to...
  7. Daniel Harrell

    New purchase: m210

    Hello and good luck with your aircraft, and thank you for your work as a firefighter. As a recent purchaser of a M210 RTK, I offer these few ideas and input. You didn't indicate that you got the RTK, but if you did, be mindful that there isn't a whole lot of documentation about setup and use of...
  8. Daniel Harrell

    Request for a photo taken from a 210 RTK

    Thanks for the reply. If it isn't in the EXIF data accurately, would it be in the Flight Logs accurately? I could use one of the services to export a CSV of that info, and then correlate that to my photos...perhaps...
  9. Daniel Harrell

    Request for a photo taken from a 210 RTK

    Hello all, I am interested in any generic photo taken from a 210 RTK. I am specifically interested in the GPS data embedded in each photo. If any one would be willing so share a generic JPEG, I would really appreciate it. Also, I've never been too impressed with the flight logs of my Inspire 1...
  10. Daniel Harrell

    Best Practices - Should firmware be updated?

    Greetings all, I've used this website/forums many times, but just recently made my user. I purchased my Inspire 1 PRO two years ago and have flown it about 100 times. When I first got the aircraft DJI had released a new firmware that many were having trouble with video transmission at that...