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Recent content by dankirksey

  1. dankirksey

    What's with Drone U?

    I can't agree with your more. He's a very intelligent millennial with a ego that never stops. I do listen to some of his podcasts but can only take him in small doses because of his attitude. His co-host is a nice balance because he reins Paul in when he goes off on his tangents. I agree...
  2. dankirksey

    SOLD 6/22/19. Inspire 1 TB48 Battery

    I'd like to purchase 2 of your TB48's. Can you contact me at (760)505-1377 or [email protected] Thanks.
  3. dankirksey

    Opinion charger battery TB50

    where do you find the Yx charger. I checked Amazon and I can't find it.