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Recent content by Dave Pitman

  1. Dave Pitman

    Lost My Inspire 1 Into Lake

    Also, sorry for the loss of your inspire. I think you've received some good analysis. Probably operator error unfortunately. These drones are amazingly good at making them easy to operate. But they are also very complex and should probably be approached as such. BTW, I researched where you...
  2. Dave Pitman

    iPadOS13 compatibility with Autopilot, Map Pilot and Go4.

    By the way, my iPads are still on v 12.3.1 I'm in the camp that doesn't "upgrade" just because it is offered as well. I skipped ios 11 all together because there were initially problems with the flight apps (and other battery issues) with v11 from the beginning.
  3. Dave Pitman

    iPadOS13 compatibility with Autopilot, Map Pilot and Go4.

    You're almost correct ! :) If you are on at least v4.x.x and you have flight sync enabled, then when you fly a mission, then the Mission will be able to sync to the MME website. But Mission Plans (what you use to fly a mission) do not sync and are promised to start syncing in v4.1.x We had a...
  4. Dave Pitman

    Sent Inspire 2 to DJI twice and still not fixed

    As others have said, the i2 is a little less locked-in than other recent DJI craft. It sounds like your's is beyond that though. Have you tried a chilled IMU calibration by chance?
  5. Dave Pitman

    iPadOS13 compatibility with Autopilot, Map Pilot and Go4.

    Ha. I've been all through the same thing with Zane over there. He tells me they have a better idea of how to backup and propagate missions between devices that they will release someday. Along with some way to organize large amounts of missions...someday. Someday never comes. I have no idea...
  6. Dave Pitman

    Drone heading theory when flying with camera operator

    I use telemetry but I also use the method that @The Editor describes. Once you master that exercise the anxiety that can result with loss of orientation is much reduced. Here is a nice video demonstration. - If you learn how to hand catch or launch and use it when appropriate, it is not...
  7. Dave Pitman

    UPS Lost Camera Sent Back For Repair... What Happens Now?

    If DJI supplied the label (payed the shipper) and you have a receipt that the shipper received it from you, then it would seem to me it is up to DJI and UPS to figure out. You should be fine. That's my common sense opinion anyway. I hope it works out that way for you. If DJI didn't cheap out...
  8. Dave Pitman

    Android 9 (Pie) ; Hold off for now.

    The current version of the DJI SDK is not compatible with Android 9. If you use SDK based apps, it's prudent to hold off updating your Android device's OS.
  9. Dave Pitman

    DJI Pushes Back 18th Date To New Undisclosed Date

    Well, there ya have it. Still wonder what derailed the 18th announcement.
  10. Dave Pitman

    WTB: Dji Inspire 2 controller

    Inspire 2 Remote Controller For Sale
  11. Dave Pitman

    No Limit Dronesz

    The guy behind NLD is part of a loose group of software engineers that began to explore the DJI firmware in earnest over a year ago. This came about mainly with the introduction of the Mavic, although work had been started by a few with the Phantom 3 series. NLD is the product of a couple of...
  12. Dave Pitman

    No Limit Dronesz

    Regarding insurance, a question regarding this was asked of Joe Ernster our resident knowledgeable broker. Read the discussion here: The Great Insurance Information Thread of 2018!
  13. Dave Pitman

    No Limit Dronesz

    I'm sorry, you are correct, you didn't say illegal. Insurance wise it's the same deal. If user modification is listed as an exclusion in your policy then yes. It is not listed in my policy . Can you share the language in your policy with the exclusion as I have yet to see it. Further, there...
  14. Dave Pitman

    No Limit Dronesz

    What is and is not permitted is specified in the regulations (CFR 14.107). There is no mention of modification of any kind either for or against. Ultimately the operator is responsible. If you (as the operator) cause a problem that results in an incident, you will be responsible. You will be...
  15. Dave Pitman

    No Limit Dronesz

    You guys must be living under a rock. DJI Dashboard - Modding tips, tricks and results - OFFICIAL THREAD - RC Groups I'm calling Horsefeathers without an official source. That would be FAA for me in the US. I can't speak for other countries but I would still like to see an official source...