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Recent content by Diirk

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    fpvlr inspire1 antennas

    Question: I use dual controllers for dual pilot mode. If I get this upgrade, do I need to get both controllers upgraded for the same performance on both or just the master controller?
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    fpvlr inspire1 antennas

    These law obeying pussies should really stop derailing threads like these for badasses like us.
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    fpvlr inspire1 antennas

    This thread needs more love. Anyone tried these yet?
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    Max Distance = 500M??

    This can't be true. If this is true, I'm going to demand a refund. I bought a drone that could fly 2 km, not 500 m. Can anyone confirm that DJI added this distance restriction?
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    I am actually happy with my Inspire 1

    I'm happy too. Only issue for me is the size of the bird (love the phantom's size for travel etc, hopefully phantom 3 will reduce the gap between inspire and phantom family) and a 2nd camera lacking for dual pilot mode.
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    Can't toggle between tilt and pan... HELP!!!

    Its a bug i experienced myself before. But then it went away and never happened again. I think there is def some kind of issue/bug.
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    Won't launch from boat so I'm selling

    This is where you went wrong. This IS rocket science. This industry is still very fresh and the machines are incredibly complex, especially considering their size. I for one understand and accept these temporary issues we are experiencing. I even expected them when I purchased my machine. I...
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    fed up

    This thread proves that the forums are full of paid trolls. DJI's competitors must be really desperate.
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    DJI pulled support for iOS?

    Can somebody re-upload the latest pilot app for iOS please? The 2 links I found are dead now (the DropBox one is blocked by DropBox because generating too much traffic). Would really want to fly today. I would be very thankful,
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    Apple app vs DJI. Anyone seen this?

    Great research. I wouldn't be surprised if DJI are in direct contact with Apple about this and that Apple green-lighted Enterprise app for customers as an exception and that Apple are currently looking into making an Apple Store exception as well, but that it takes time. I'd say there is a very...
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    Pilot app tutorial video

    Surely the autonomous route mention must be a mistake. I mean, you can't set altitudes. I'm pretty sure it just allows you to draw on the map. Can anyone confirm DJI [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] up here?
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    Yaw Problem- Video-DJI asked for it

    I have exactly the same issue. I reported it to DJI 24/7 support and they told me they are aware of the issue and that the next firmware update will have a fix for this.
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    New Firmware Coming

    DJI support told me that the new firmware will also fix an issue where the aircraft would make unrequested right turns every now and then.
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    "Enter Travel Mode" command brings legs all the way up

    I can confirm that carpet was the issue. It works on a hard surface.
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    "Enter Travel Mode" command brings legs all the way up

    The legs don't stop in the middle position. I can't put my machine in the case because of this bug. Is anyone else having this issue? If you haven't tried travel mode yet, I recommend you do to see if all is working for you.