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"Enter Travel Mode" command brings legs all the way up

May 4, 2014
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The legs don't stop in the middle position. I can't put my machine in the case because of this bug. Is anyone else having this issue? If you haven't tried travel mode yet, I recommend you do to see if all is working for you.
I have tried travel mode a few times. It does seem fickle. I first take off my camera when it is in legs-down mode and then try (don't want to hurt camera). I find that about half the time it goes all the way down. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Other times it works ok.
I got that too twice. The only thing I've been able to figure out, is that holding it in your hands while you enter travel mode may confuse the Inspire. I think it relies on the sonars to know when it's main body is very close to the ground and stop lifting the legs. Try again with the Inspire on the ground and let me know.
The other problem I encountered is that the Android app is totally out-of-sync with the status of travel mode, and most of the time, the Enter Travel Mode button won't work on the first shot for me.
Let me give you an alternative method to enter and exit travel mode that does not require the app. Turn your Tx on and then your inspire without the camera. Flip the LG switch 4 times and it will enter travel mode. Flick 4 more times and it exits. I hope this helps those of you that are having issues. Up and back down is 1 cycle.
Tahoe Ed, that was my first idea, using the flicking 4 times to get in and out of travel mode, but for me in only seems to work to exit travel mode, not to enter it. I'll definitely try it again though.
I can confirm that carpet was the issue. It works on a hard surface.

Me too. You can't do it holding it up in the air, and it doesn't like carpet. Only the case itself seems to work well, or a similar surface. Which can be difficult if you are in the field and have parts all over the place, don't want to get them wet or dirty, and have to close the case up to put it in travel mode.

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