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Recent content by drew1house

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    3 sets TB50 batteries ****sold****

    About how many cycles (Approximately) does each set have on it?
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    Does the X7 DJI care cover lenses?

    It is a heck of a lot of money... $500 is wow... Wondering if it covers the lens if it all crashes? Anyone know? Getting ready to pull the trigger on an X7.
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    Do DJI owe me a new drone

    I sent an X5 into them and it was destroyed... I mean smithereens... $550 later and I had a new camera.
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    OVERHEAT WARNING Crystal Sky High Brightnses 7.8"

    I keep hearing stuff like this. Worrysome... I have an Ultra but I live where we have been in winter. Never tried running it in the heat.
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    Drone folding poly carbon props

    I got the T-Motor units... I guess I am glad... They are beautiful and the tips really seem to be quieter.
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    CF Inspire 2 tripod mount

    I would love one... went to buy and it says you will not send to the states. :( Ill be over in the UK in June... Scotland...
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    HPRC Inspire 2 case review - (INS2-4600W-01 )

    This is what I plan to do... Going to do this as soon as the case arrives next week. Can I ask... What glue did you find worked?
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    HPRC Inspire 2 case review - (INS2-4600W-01 )

    Does anyone here have any experience with this case and Crystal Sky monitors or the Cendance remote or the Patch antenna for Cendance or X7 or the X7 Lens kit?
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    Matrice 600 vs Inspire 1 Pro/Raw Industrial Use

    I have both and have had a P3. The Inspire can handle a lot of wind with the X3 camera on it. If you put the X5 on... quite a bit less. I believe that landing an I1 in a 30 mile per hour wind would be easier than landing a M600 due to the nature of the landing gear. You have a much lower center...
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    Selling Inspire 1 V.1 - used

    If it does not happen... I am looking for one. [email protected]
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    First Osmo Clips

    I ordered the handle as I own two x3's already... Looks great...