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Recent content by Eliran

  1. Eliran

    Major vibration

    I fixed COMPLETTELLY mine, balancing the props.
  2. Eliran

    Major vibration

    Flyingclint, imagine an angled image. the front right motor/props shake 1"radius, up and down. That's it. Better say, that was it.
  3. Eliran

    Major vibration

    Just reeived my prop balancers. The shakings are just vanished again. Let's see how long it lasts.
  4. Eliran

    what do you think about this film?

    Great P. F sound ;-)
  5. Eliran

    Major vibration

    Not yet. I did not received the balancer yet.
  6. Eliran

    Major vibration

    Ed, any clue when they'll release the video?
  7. Eliran

    Major vibration

    If, my company realeases a gun (I have a gunstore) or any defective accy and huge amount of clients are concerned about this or that and I don´t give the propper answer and respect to my clients, my company breaks in no more than 6 months. That´s the way things works here on the third world...
  8. Eliran

    Major vibration

    Rob Suggs, can you please make a video of how your corrected it? Please, man.
  9. Eliran

    Major vibration

    Vibrations are just back :-(
  10. Eliran

    Firmware Update v1.2.0.17 Available

    Check out mines.
  11. Eliran

    Has anyone made a preflight checklist

    O que está morto não pode morrer ;-)
  12. Eliran

    Future upgrades

    Front (nose) sonar system with a distance display (as our cars do).
  13. Eliran

    Major vibration

    Or maybe the parts '"replacing" themselves.
  14. Eliran

    Nexus 7 II (2013) or Nvidia Shield ?

    Tottally agree. Apple "decides" whats better for its consumers. Samsung is going the same way. Maybe a cool company like Nvidia will make the difference on this war.
  15. Eliran

    Tired of retracting those legs?

    Well, gogowanda. If you're back on the drawing board, PLEASE, make a light design for a backpack for the motorcycle users! It's a must ;-)