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Recent content by Ellie M

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    X7 16mm doesn't support mechanical shutter?

    I'm excited to use my I2 with X7 for mapping in addition to cinematography, and was thrilled to realize that it has a mechanical shutter option in photo mode up to 1/1000. However, the most efficient flight plan asks for a 16mm lens, but according to the official Zenmuse X7 product page, the...
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    DRIFT: finding calm during COVID-19

    I hope you're all doing well in these crazy coronavirus times. I wanted to make a short film so deeply relaxing that everything else falls away for a whole nine minutes. I made it because I needed it, and figure it might be soothing for other people as well. So if you need a breather and have a...
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    Flying in National Monument

    Thanks! Yeah, I see that on airmap, and also compared it to the B4UFLY app. Interesting that B4UFLY doesn't mark any of it as off limits - it just marks federal public land designated as National Parks as off limits. **side note - I know to always do more research and never trust that entirely...
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    Flying in National Monument

    I'm trying to parse through what's allowed on different federal public lands when it comes to flying my Inspire 2. I know it's SUPER banned in National Parks, but I've read in a lot of places that it's generally okay in National Forest and on BLM land (Bureau of Land Management land). The UAV...
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    Practicing Dual Operator Mode for I2?

    Thanks for all the input! I'm definitely all for in-person dual-operator practice, developing strong communication between the pilot and camera op, and being a solid solo pilot. That said, I like to have both real world and simulator practice. I learned to fly single operator by practicing with...
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    Practicing Dual Operator Mode for I2?

    Hi there, I have the I2 and am starting to get work that would be best as a dual operator set-up. I've practiced a bit with another pilot, but want to hone my camera op skills as much as possible. Obviously it's best to practice in person, but I'm also curious if there's a good simulator for...
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    Charging M600 controller during flights?

    I just bought this AC outlet portable charger that I'm about to try with my Inspire and Mavic 2 Pro controllers. I'll just keep the controller plugged into the batter pack on my person when flying. Found the suggestion on a DJI thread from a Mavic pilot who said it worked. Perhaps worth looking...