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Recent content by EVDrones

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    x5s no video feed

    Check the pins on the camera - I had this issue out in the field after a 2-mile hike! Turns out one of the pins on the camera didn't spring all the way up and wasn't making a good connection with the lens.
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    WTB Inspire2 with X7 camera

    Budget? Location?
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    Burnt out CrystalSky Ultra

    Just an update - sent to DJI, of course its out of warranty. $542 to fix. Have asked to have the claim escalated due to it being a known issue.
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    Burnt out CrystalSky Ultra

    Have a 7.85 CS Utlra that bit the dust on the backlight. Out of Warranty i assume. Dealing in USD. Would ship out of Cali. LMK of any offers.