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Recent content by fizzviic

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    Naming your inspire

    My Inspire 1 has a 'tude, LOL
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    Naming your inspire

    One of the most accomplished of women photographers has named her Phantom Amelia after Amealia Earhart. I didn't want to copycat her. She is in a class by herself and some of her work hangs in the Smithsonian
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    Anyone getting spare batteries and props yet?

    I ordered two batteries from Century Helicopter in San Jose, CA and had them two days later.
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    any other Sonoma county inspire pilots out there?

    I'm flying often with thumpinhard and met some folks in Napa this last weekend. You can text me at 707-765-6288 as well..
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    Portable helipad

    Only problem is that it is just a tad too small, I've got one.
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    Naming your inspire

    My Inspire is named "Sally Ride" after the first American woman astronaut. My P1 is Jacqueline Cochran and my P2 is Pancho Barnes. Most of us women hgave hamed our sUAV's after famous women aviators.
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    any other Sonoma county inspire pilots out there?

    In lieu of a PM on this board, I would be pleased to act as a "clearing house" for messaging between Sonoma County pilots...on FB, I am Roberta Villavecchia and you can PM me there I can send the message on to others on FB so long as we do the "friend" thing. Also if you want to set up an...
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    C1 and C2 buttons

    Thanks folks I appreciate you help.
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    Flying with one battery

    Slightly off topic but is related to LiPo life. What about the transmitter LiPo? How many times can it be recharged? How many recharges before the controller battery is toast? What happens then, can it be replaced or do you just spend $650 for a new controller? Does one send it back to DJI...
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    Drone crash on Capitol Hill

    Somehow I missed the crash? Where was it LOL?
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    C1 and C2 buttons

    Is it possible to program the C1 and C2 buttons on the back of the controller, (when using a single controller) to control gimbal yaw on C1 and Gimbal reset on C2. I have tried a number of times and only see this in the "master/slave" section of the controller and gimbal portion of the pilot...
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    Android 5.0+

    I'm using Lollypop 5.0.1 on a Nexus 7, Works fine for me.
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    Stupid question #2

    Thanks, I appreciate the link...
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    Stupid question #2

    Mohan...Can't find it on ebay. Do you have a link?
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    Lens cap for Inspire 1

    The lens cap for the Phantom 2 Vision fits the lens and filter on the Inspire. I had a extra laying around and it fits beautifully and should go along way in keeping the dust and fingerprints off the Inspire camera lens...and they are available for purchase separately.