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Recent content by Flying Dutch Fenix

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    Drone reel 2016 - one your of droning

    Ok thanks for feedback!
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    Drone reel 2016 - one your of droning

    Thanks for the suggestion. I am guessing your watch the vid on a telephone? I am taking it towards coming projects. Thank you
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    Drone reel 2016 - one your of droning

    Thanks for watching and your comments!
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    Drone reel 2016 - one your of droning

    I've made a short drone reel from my 2016 footage. Hope you like it! Comments are welcome.
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    Timelapse by drone

    Yes your are right... but what is the differents? Making 24 stills manually with a time inervall and put them together or take 1 second of video content shot at 24fps. Isn't the outcome the same? I am always useing 24fps, it can be any amount of frame rate...but then you have to make the equal...
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    Timelapse by drone

    Thanks, it was done after a request at a facebook page. How to make a time lapse. That's why the conditions where not epic.... At the end it was a lot of fun the make these vid and now waiting for these epic conditions so it can go viral
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    Timelapse by drone

    -I used video content and brought 14 minutes of flight time back to 10 seconds. So at the end you have 240 frames (I love to work with 24fps)
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    Timelapse by drone

    It was quite easy. I am use Autopilot logic voor a consistent stable flight as long as possible (used a zip line with focus poin) Post production is done in FCPX -import your content to the timeline; -ramp your content from 14 minutes up to 10 seconds -export your content , for a quicker...
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    Kitesurfing Oostvoorne by drone

    I had the awesome pleasure te meet this kitesurf dude Joris! The Inspire 1 Pro had to work hard with windspeeds up to 27kts... Enjoy and be my quest to share this content✌️
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    Timelapse by drone

    Just made some timelapses with the Inspire.... love to hear tips to make it smoother. I am using FCP for post production.
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    Kitesurfing Slufter Beach - Maasvlakte Rotterdam by drone

    Please let me know if you like this vid...looking forward to see your comments or thumbs up!
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    Oceanco's SuperYachts Project Y715 & Y712 by drone

    Really stunning SuperYachts at shipyard Oceanco! It is amazing what they are building....
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    Awesome sailing superyacht Y712 by Oceanco

    Last sunday with a awesome sunrise in the background. I did this stunning sailing superyacht project Y712 from shipbuider Oceanco. WOW they now how to build!!'
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    Crash compilation

    One year of flying with the might Inspire 1! Yes and some times it went wrong...