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Recent content by GizaDog

  1. GizaDog

    Nakalele Blow Hole, Maui (Flying in 20+ mph winds)

    The Hawaii trade winds were very active but I was fortunate to capture this blow hole erupting. Enjoy!
  2. GizaDog

    Congratulations DJI you just killed the Phantom!!

    Oh stop rubbing it in! Mine is on order.
  3. GizaDog

    Whose sky is it?

    Drones have rights too! No grey area.
  4. GizaDog

    OSMO & GoPro Side-by-Side Test - Hot Air Balloons

  5. GizaDog

    My ShowReel using all Inspire 1 Video

  6. GizaDog

    Recreational flights and photography

    Really?? The user explained that he wants to capture a boat launch event with a well known and stable DJI drone. All you have to offer is "you'll quit" if you see someone asking for advice on how to handle and fly such an event? You may treat this has a hobby for yourself but there are users...
  7. GizaDog

    Hot Balloons Flying Alone Golf Course in Califorina

    Thanks for the tips and I just did not have the time to correct the video. Just wanted to get it out there so users can see some neat capture.
  8. GizaDog

    Hot Balloons Flying Alone Golf Course in Califorina

    I have the amazing luxury of Hot Air Balloons flying over my area just about every day. I finally got to capture one floating along one of the golf courses near my home. Enjoy!
  9. GizaDog

    Faa can't regulate

    Why should we allow the FAA to bless us flying below 400 feet? It does not compute!
  10. GizaDog

    The DOT and FAA have spoken!

    So this means I need to provide / prove to the "oh mighty FAA" that I'm a solid UAV pilot that has been flying for over ten years and understand what I'm doing to get a piece of paper stating so? This law is made for the people wanting to get in to the business.
  11. GizaDog

    Blow back has started...

    I also believe its the fact that people don't have any place to vent on the government "drone kill" programs so they take it out on the hobbyist because they can see and relate to them. The propaganda media system has programmed most of the public to say and think "drones are bad" all the while...
  12. GizaDog

    Fire performance production filmed with DJI Inspire 1 Pro X

    Nice. Looks like some jerk was using a laser and pointing it at your X5. So nice of them.
  13. GizaDog

    I'll just leave it right here.

    People like this should be locked up. They are the ones that ruin it with blabbering emotions and lies. Its gotta be tough living within her world. "My whole life flashed before my eyes?" "If you come one more step towards me I'll kill you?" She is the one that stole and is hiding the drone...
  14. GizaDog

    Space X Falcon 9 with Disney and Carnival Ships

    Very nice shot. Looks warm. :eek: