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Recent content by jasondlr

  1. jasondlr

    Smart Power Charge Prop Guards Review

    I just got done using the smart power charge prop guards for an indoor live event today. Let me start off by saying that Richie over at SPC was awesome and a life saver. I guess they hit a snag with production and because I couldn't have my set in time for the event he sent his personal pair...
  2. jasondlr

    Liability Insurance is a MUST!

    Costello Insurance quited me $999 for $1 million dollars of liability. Doesn't cover the bird though
  3. jasondlr

    Austin Texas after crazy flooding yesterday

    Took this footage yesterday after the rain stopped at around 5:30 pm
  4. jasondlr

    What to do? New purchase.

    Uavdirect is solid as well
  5. jasondlr

    Instagram accounts?

    I'll send the edited and compressed video to myself via email or google drive, download to my phone, and upload just like you would a picture.
  6. jasondlr

    Instagram accounts?

  7. jasondlr

    NAB 2015

    I was at NAB last week and talked to a few of the people at the DJI booth. I was told they didn't bring a prototype to NAB becaus the Phantoms were the star of the show. When I asked about a release date he kind of just laughed and said he had no idea
  8. jasondlr

    No "Video" Signal

    I had the same issue. Ended up being a bent ground pin on the gimbal connector which shorted and fried my camera. To avoid sending the inspire/camera/controller to DJI for 6-8 weeks, I just went ahead and bought a new camera and gimbal connector from my local shop for $500.
  9. jasondlr

    Camera Fried because of bent pin

    Did you send just the camera or the whole unit?
  10. jasondlr

    Camera Fried because of bent pin

    So, even though I got a new replacement camera and gimbal connector yestrday, DJI wants me to send in the whole package(inspire+remote) to fix it. I really wish I could just send in the two broken pieces so I wouldn't be without the drone for 6 weeks.
  11. jasondlr

    Inspire Handheld Gimbal at NAB?

    I hear ya! This is the only conference I ever get sent to so I always try to make it.
  12. jasondlr

    Camera Fried because of bent pin

    $595 The camera was $550 and taxes were $45. I just want to throw out there that the guys at UAV Direct are fantastic and anyone in the Austin area should definitely consider giving them your business.
  13. jasondlr

    Inspire Handheld Gimbal at NAB?

    I'll be there!
  14. jasondlr

    Camera Fried because of bent pin

    Just got back from my local drone shop with a new camera for my inspire 1. Looks like my ground pin on the inspire got bent and fried my camera. I was experiencing some really erratic spinning during the initial startup and also loss of connectivity to the camera during flights so I took it in...
  15. jasondlr

    HDR BRACKET - Show off your HDR talents

    In the pilot app hold down the shutter button and a few options will pop up. Select either the 3 picture or 5 picture bracket.