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Recent content by jazee

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    Is FlyGuys a SCAM? Are you a Fly Guy?

    Looks like enough of the FlyGuys pilots are getting tired of paying them a monthly fee for little to no jobs. I wonder how many paid a year's worth of fees to help pay for FlyGuys' online advertising and DroneDeploy/Pix4D business subscription, and didn't make their money back? Is their a...
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    Is FlyGuys a SCAM? Are you a Fly Guy?

    Seems there's a "new kid on the block" for the drone pilot referral directories. Seems like there's about a half dozen of them out there. I've heard from other pilots, all these services, the supply of pilots is huge and the number of jobs posted per week is very small in most areas, even on...
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    Anyone tried/using Datumate?

    Wondering if anyone has experienced using Datumate for photogrammetry? How do they compare in features, ease-of-use (pilot and customer side) and price to some of the other big players offering competing products in the market like Pix4D or Bentley ContextCapture?
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    Any Lidar Solutions using new Solid State Sensors?

    Well I got a reply from a manufacturer that gave me a lengthy technical explanation amounting to the fact the solid-state lasers are appropriate for surveying applications. They are more for object avoidance and that type of thing (being used in cars as opposed to radar). So it looks like for...
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    Any Lidar Solutions using new Solid State Sensors?

    Apparently, they are starting to build small solid state lidar sensors so they are more a form factor and weight like a Flir Vue thermo sensor. Problem is, seems these are all just sensors with no data storage function (microSD slot) built in like the Flir Vue. Anyone know if someone has taken...
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    Thermal Roof Inspection: Necessity of Radiometric Camera Version?

    Anyone have any experience doing thermal roof inspections of large flat warehouse roofs for insurance purposes? Is the Radiometric version of the camera really that necessary providing temps per pixel, or for insurance purposes are they just looking for temp diffs of significant size on the...
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    Criss Cross Obliques With Less Overlap Versus One Direction?

    I'm doing a topographic survey of a rural area with about 500ft of elevation change (I'm breaking it up into sections where each section has only 250ft of elevation change). Will output a DXF with contour lines and possibly a DEM or DTM. I only need accuracy within 12 inches. Will have ground...
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    Anyone used PPK to establish GCP coordinates?

    I'm planning on getting an Emlid Reach RS and utilize CORS to establish precise coordinates for ground control points used in photogrammetry (drone surveying). I'm using GCPs because I don't have a remote sensor setup on my drone yet. I'm new to this and I can't seem to locate a "How To" for how...
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    Advice on Large Area Topo Map - GCPs, Overlap, ASL Elevation, etc.

    This is a good write up summarizing much of what I've already gathered however in general I'm finding the amount of information (or number of people) that have "figured it out" is pretty small for these types of large land surveying applications. Recommendations in many cases are all over the...
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    Advice on Large Area Topo Map - GCPs, Overlap, ASL Elevation, etc.

    I'm looking to do a topographic survey of a 700 acre site where the vertical measurement accuracy needs to be within 12 inches. So dividing that by 3 means I can have a HSD of 4in/pixel or better (it will be better due to altitude limits.) So I have a few questions. There seems to be no...