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Recent content by Jerry Nycom

  1. Jerry Nycom


    Will this work on my Inspire 1 or only for the Pro?
  2. Jerry Nycom

    VuFine New FPV Camera attachment for glasses

    Just ordered! Looks simple and cheap
  3. Jerry Nycom

    DJI Battery Charging Hub

    Waiting to get mine.....
  4. Jerry Nycom

    4th of July - also in Denmark

    Sick shot!
  5. Jerry Nycom


    Something like this but BIGGER screen!
  6. Jerry Nycom


    I think his truck has it built in.....I would love a 24" TV mounted in a case that was battery operated....Like those ground stations people build...Anyone know of anything off the shelf like that?
  7. Jerry Nycom


    You wheel it our for spectators?!? Nice...
  8. Jerry Nycom

    Your favorite tablet/screen and why?

    iPad Air 2 has the best performance I think.....
  9. Jerry Nycom

    A Need for Speed?

  10. Jerry Nycom

    Virtual reality gimbal head-controled with smartphone

    Is the iphone connected to the controller as well?
  11. Jerry Nycom

    What else can I mount on this thing?

    What about dropping water balloons on kids? What remote release could we get?
  12. Jerry Nycom

    New Lightbridge antenna system....video inside....

    How about an option to take your Mod OFF, and go back to stock? Otherwise maybe I buy a 3rd controller for the Mod only.
  13. Jerry Nycom

    Zeiss FPV Glasses & Inspire 1

    You will love them!
  14. Jerry Nycom

    New Lightbridge antenna system....video inside....

    If I mod my camera RC can I switch between the 2? When I dont need the range use the non modded RC with modded RC on camera side, but when I need range use the modded RC as the main? Is that too much to do every time?
  15. Jerry Nycom

    Mounting a iPhone 6 Plus and a Flysight Black Pearl on a Inspire

    Bottom line I ordered a Black Pearl for camera RC...