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Recent content by Jon L 13

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    USA What would you do?

    How do we know this particular individual broke the law? Did you contact the airport and ask if there was an agreement in place? --------- **I understand that this particular instance was commercial, not hobby, just writing what is following as highlighting the general mood.** A lot of...
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    Camera: horizon tilted - how to cure?

    @CvdL also try going into the gimbal settings and adjusting the gimbal roll in flight. I have found that once you click the + or - once the gimbal will kind of figure out that it is crooked. So just click it all the way to one side (+ or -) and then back to zero and that should reset it. You...
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    Forewarned is forearmed: Launch and land from PA State Game lands is Prohibited

    @Scott Gehlhoff those guys sure are tricky... But that's only if you're operating under 107. I don't see the connection between part 101 and the 2,000' limit in the VFR charts. I don't see any AMA rules that prohibit this either, which part 101 loosely says to go by (or another set of...
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    Hobbyists the fun is over

    @William Gaddy thank you for the clarification.
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    Forewarned is forearmed: Launch and land from PA State Game lands is Prohibited

    @Scott Gehlhoff aircraft rules don't carry over to RC rules, since RC aircraft ("drones", "quads", etc.) are not aircraft. That's why they came out with special rules just for RC (part 107 and an addition to part 101).
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    Shooting with a Permit but DJI app won't take off

    @Burlingtonfilms check out this link: DJI GEO System - Up-to-date Information On Where to Fly Go to the "unlocking zones" section.
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    Hobbyists the fun is over

    So we are taking it upon ourselves to interpret ourselves out of hobby ops? That is not the intent of Part 101. The intent of 101 is to ensure that the NAS is not endangered. The way it is written is extremely poor, and I can see why it causes confusion. Those conditions referenced above are...
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    Hobbyists the fun is over

    @slim.slamma Do you have a link? The FAA's website says nothing about flying only at AMA fields for hobby ops. First sentence on their own website is: "You don't need permission from the FAA to fly your UAS (aka drone) for fun or recreation, but you must always fly safely." Fly for Fun
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    Hobbyists the fun is over

    What rule or law are you all referring to that says hobby ops are illegal? Part 107 is only for commercial operations. Hobby ops are not regulated by the FAA, but only by section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. The only thing the FAA says about hobby ops is that they...
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    Custom Payload Drop - Looking for Service

    Haha! I should explain further. It's a tech company looking to drop a computer component from up high at a symposium. It's also indoors, so FAA wouldn't be a player. Not sure if there would be any special rules. I'm asking here because I am unable to do this with my stock I-1. I have...
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    Custom Payload Drop - Looking for Service

    Does anybody know of companies/individuals providing custom payload delivery? I had an inquiry about this and unfortunately was unable to respond to that demand. The delivery is in Las Vegas and payload is 300 grams. Please email me if you've got any leads. [email protected]
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    Anyone have experience with FAA for Public (government) use?

    @licensed pilot is correct. Public agencies work a little bit differently. For example, military aviators fly in FAA airspace all the time, and most of them do not have even a private pilot's license (unless they take the competency exam). @ISP5557 @Chad Ray On the airfield distances. This...
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    USA 333 Exemptions - This is taking entirely too long!

    Anybody having any luck? I submitted my petition 09/01/15; it posted on the website 11/13/15; and as of today, it is still listed as pending. Working on six months - seems unreasonable to me.
  14. J

    Is this a new problem?

    @RotoRanger In the firmware 1.3.0 notes, the following is mentioned: "12. Camera View now displays the DJI logo if a video output error is detected to avoid confusion with a blank screen." I would think that this is what is happening to you. I do not, however, know how to rectify said video...
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    Battery Error?

    According to the battery manual, the operating temp is -10 to 40 degrees C. 40 degrees C is 104 F, so 100 degrees F seems to be within limits. http://dl.djicdn.com/downloads/inspire_1/en/Intelligent_Flight_Battery_Safety_Guidelines__en.pdf