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My father was a professional photographer, who turned that passion into one of the largest travel guidebook publishing houses in the world. I followed in his footsteps to some extent, barring a five year stint in the military where I served as the Special Weapons Officer and Ground Forward Air Controller for the Commando Battalion, Long Range Reconnaissance Group. I spent three years as a GFAC painting the way for CAS and steel rain, and spent my last two as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller calling in Longbows and F15s within the SOF community. I transitioned fairly easily out the military, spent two years as a Second Officer aboard a superyacht in the Med - before deciding to pick up a camera and make a well loved hobby into a career. From there, the progression into aerial content creation was clear - Aerovision was born, and I haven't looked back.
Director of Photography / Co-Founder of Aerovision


Co-Founder / Director of Photography at Aerovision.asia
CAAS UAV Class 3 Commercial Operations (ST.AE)
Ground Forward Air Controller (LRRG-SG / 07-10) / Joint Terminal Attack Controller Qualified (TRI-SG / 11-12)
CAA PfCO (UK) / CAA UAS Search and Rescue (UK)