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  • Sorry for the lengthy comments, but once my confidence comes back on these issues, I would like to ask you other questions i.e. can you safely increase the distance of the flight and override the limitations? etc, etc.

    Many thanks Turbo...
    but as I saw on the thread, there is quite a bit of playing around with the installation of those kits I'm not quite confident I can do.

    I don't live near a power plant (joking), but honestly, the home point and go home features scare the hell out of me and my confidence, because of my losses and signal problems.
    For now, and based on the foregoing, its the home point confirmations, the importance of the little "h" on the battery line, and what actually happens when you fly outside the zone that I would like your feedback on. Issues on better reception and the kits would also help,
    return home, it landed elsewhere, and I lost it. Please confirm that the safest flying technique is to always keep an eye on the little "h" to make sure you have enough juice to return home.
    to the weight. I had the larger capacity battery on the II, but I wasn't paying attention to the little "h" by the battery level. I think I lost 3k due to not paying attention to this and when the first alarm at 33% started, the I1 started to come back and since it didn't have enough juice to r
    oes out of range, does it automatically simply just get back in range and you continue to fly, or does it act like a lost signal and return to home. Now, what I think happened, and shame on me for not seeing this in the manual, I see the battery in the I1 depletes quickly due to the
    3) I carefully read the return to home features, all three, the push the button and it will go home. This worked with no problem. However, its the other two methods, low battery and lost signal. In the flight where I lost the inspire, the lost signal appeared first. When the I1 goes out
    1) After receiving full satellite signal and "ready to fly" - is the go home set? Is is a good practice to let it hover a few feet and push the home button on the app again to confirm a close home point?
    2?I saw on the website so specially made kits to strengthen the antenna - does this really help?
    Painful and costly to learn some subtle issues, so that's why I am seeking advise from someone as yourself.
    I use an ipad 2 with hood and all the rest of factory installed items. I was able to go up to 500m and out 500m. In certain directions the signal was lost.
    I know that safety and control is big for all of us and that's where I now come in. So here's a few questions:
    Well, here I go so please bear with me. I know how to fly, follow the manual instructions, used the Phantom 2+ and now the Inspire 1. I lost several of the phantoms, which I believe were caused by go home and lost signal problems (gps changes). On my third flight I lost my Inspire 1 when the go home lost out to a very rapidly declining battery and auto landed. It was not near where the map showed it to be.
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