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  1. Koptervision


    I used it a couple of months ago. The head tracker works pretty well, but it still crashes and is buggy in setup.
  2. Koptervision

    Osaka & Kyoto Japan shot on DJI Osmo with X5R

    Very nice work George! Great edits.
  3. Koptervision


    Love that series! Hope you can share some BTS at some point.
  4. Koptervision

    Slave Controller Not Prompting for Update - Latest Firmware

    I have Inspire ver 1 with X5 upgrade . I just did the 1.8.01 "Pro" firmware update (bird and all batteries). The Master Controller prompted for update and it is current (see image), but the Slave Controller will not prompt for update (see other image). I did the three button reset on the Slave...
  5. Koptervision


    Anybody else try this? CloudlightFPV My experience with iPhone 6 on the slave controller: 1. It was supposed to come with head-tracking for the gimbal. Website now says "Head-tracking will be available later this year" (notice the positive spin). 2. The app froze several times and I had to...
  6. Koptervision

    Drone Reports Soaring Into Clouds, FAA Says

    I'm tired of the FAA & press over reaction. No one does the math. Take a conservative estimate and assume 500K units sold up to 1H 2015. Now divide the 650 "incidents" [not accidents] and you get 0.0013. I wish other things had that kind of safety record.
  7. Koptervision

    RX100 / other camera options

    I wrote this company inquiring about how soon they would deliver . Here is the reply on 6/30/2015: Were still developing it. Currently were finishing up an development of thermal solutions on the Inspire and M100, after that we will proceed with the RX100/NX500 mount/gimbal, however were...
  8. Koptervision

    Dead battery

    There is a thread on the DJI Forum about this http://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=16060
  9. Koptervision

    She's Got Some Nice Firmware!

    After update the arms go up automatically after take off and will not come down automatically when close to the ground. Anybody else experience that?
  10. Koptervision

    Major vibration

    This is driving me crazy. I cant get good video until this problem is fixed. Where is the in-field fix video instructions and parts from DJI so we don't have to send it in?
  11. Koptervision

    Major vibration

    Jacob thanks. Was this from an email or chat? If email can you post what you reported?
  12. Koptervision

    Major vibration

    I’d be willing to bet that there’s a fundamental resonance issue somewhere in the frame and those “loose” bits to facilitate the retracts just magnify it.
  13. Koptervision

    Major vibration

    It's definitely not the motors. I checked. You can check for vibration too using an iPhone and the 'Vibration' app: http://itunes.apple.com/app/vibration/id301097580 Here's how to test: