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Recent content by marsmock

  1. marsmock

    Inspire 1 complete commercial kit

    $2500.00 US dollars. Location: Gulf Shores, Alabama
  2. marsmock

    Inspire 1 complete commercial kit

  3. marsmock

    Inspire 1 complete commercial kit

    Sorry about that. I purchased this new in 2015. I have flown it maybe 30 times. There are many extras. This is a great package for commercial use. I spent $4200 on all of this. I am selling this because we are out of the content creation business. I will have to ship all of this in 2...
  4. marsmock

    Inspire 1 complete commercial kit

    I have an Inspire 1 with X3 for sale. Many extras. DJI Inspire 1 v1 | eBay
  5. marsmock

    X3 Camera not panning

    I am having the same issue. The camera rotates fine upon start up. I have entered in free mode, nothing. When I am in follow mode it will pan about 5 degrees left and right when I move the stick that way. It will not tilt. I have completed all checks I know of and no issues with the pins.
  6. marsmock

    AutoLogic AutoPilot Problems

    1. After we finish our flight plan in Ap we start Inspire 1 in DJI Go app to launch aircraft. We go to the altitude of first waypoint staying about 30 feet from first waypoint because we have to? After we achieve altitude and our 30 feet of 'awayness' we switch from P mode to F mode on...
  7. marsmock

    Controller FM downgrade Problem

    Sorry I know this has been covered. I just fired up air 2 and controller to downgrade firmware from 1.7.40 to 1.6.0 because we lost joystick control on slave RC. I was on the phone and started the downgrade without turning on I1 or master controller. Now it's been beeping for well over 30 min...
  8. marsmock

    firmware upgrade trouble

    Hello. I started a firmware downgrade from 1.7.40 to 1.6.0 on my slave controller because the sticks wouldn't respond. For the first time I forgot to turn on master and I1. Now the downgrade is stuck beeping around 41% it will move up to 52% and then drop back down. It's been 30 minutes now...
  9. marsmock

    Shooting 18 holes of golf - Inspire 1

    Sorry, tired. I just misread your post. We can't launch with Autopilot app as AP app says it loses communication and will not fly?
  10. marsmock

    Shooting 18 holes of golf - Inspire 1

    We are. We calibrate, check systems, and launch with Go app. Once we are airborne we switch over to the Autopilot app. They I1 then leaves our hover from Go app to first waypoint after mission launch. We have to set up three waypoints before 1st mark of shot to let the I1 do it's 'freak out'...
  11. marsmock

    Shooting 18 holes of golf - Inspire 1

    Thank you! We flew 9 holes today and this software rocks. It was beautiful. One thing. It seems taking off with the DJI Go app is the only way to start. You then have to switch over to autopilot app. This makes the I1 react rather abruptly. We gain same altitude as our first waypoint only...
  12. marsmock

    Shooting 18 holes of golf - Inspire 1

    Thank you! I just found it and have been watching tutorials. This is exactly what I need.
  13. marsmock

    Shooting 18 holes of golf - Inspire 1

    So I have to shoot every hole of an 18 hole golf course Sat/Sun. Test flew today and I have to say it's trickier than I thought. Here is my question. Can you implement the way points AND point of interest at the same time? Meaning can I place my way points from tee box to green then place my...
  14. marsmock

    Firmware for Inspire1/RC Clear?

    Hello, Forgive me but I cannot seem to find any updates on whether or not I should update to the new firmwares. I have read the horror stories and have stayed away from updates and flying. Are we in the clear now? Thanks.
  15. marsmock

    Commercial Registering with FAA with Form 8050-1

    I own a production company and an Inspire 1 for commercial purposes so while I am awaiting my Section 333 I wanted to register with the FAA to avoid police interference. I considered registering as a hobbyist but after looking at the site I wanted to register as a commercial operator. As you...