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Recent content by Mixchief

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    Why no aftermarket I1 batteries

    And for the record, someone that buys it will be walking funny> $350+ ARE U F*****gG KIDDING ME??? I'm walking funny just looking at it.
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    X5S Balancing Question Lumix 14-42

    I thought I had answered this post, but maybe it was in another forum, and yes if you pull the battery there will be no power for the retraction to occur and it will allow you to balance it, try and set the zoom midway just in case the balance gets thrown off. I have trouble with my zoom, gets...
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    Wondering about interfering with EMS Air, police or fire

    Amazon has yellow vests with the FAA blah blah on them and reflective strips for visibility, but maybe that is the problem, visibility can you say "catch 22"?
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    Olympus 14-42mm pancake on x5

    power up the bird with lens on, once extended pull the battery without powering down, lens will remain extended so you can do your balancing act.
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    Battery abnormal discharge causes crash?

    B4 YOU FLY pun intended, open battery page on the app, make sure voltage is even +/- on all cells throttle up hard, if levels drop to the red you have battery issues and your bird will be a danger in the sky, if you can get up there. Let the bird hover until its force landing and try to force it...
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    USA Unlicensed use in my area

    The flyer and other way of advertising suggestion above is very good, I was thinking of it before I readit. I would make sure the target company gets a mailing, email, even a personal visit where you inform, describe, suggest the law and the need for insurance etc etc specially considering it is...
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    Why no aftermarket I1 batteries

    I had seen Chinese knockoffs on eBay not long ago, TB 47s
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    Full Moon over the Alps

    Outstanding! Thanks for sharing.
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    SOLD! Inspire 2 ProRes! Some accessories and X5s still available

    I'm in Miami, where in SoFLo are you?
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    Inspire 2 Aircraft and accessories, priced to sell, ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED!

    How many flight hours? repairs?charge cycles on batteries?
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    DJI confirming X5S or X7S compatibility with I3?

    Didn't know there was an I3 in the works, or an X8for that matter, pretty impossible to know if there will be compatibility, furthermore the question is kind of irrelevant as any response would be speculation, can't base your purchase projections on speculation.
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    Inspire 1 pro becoming obsolete

    Carbon maybe even folding props, not cheap but very much worth it
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    Inspire 1 V2 + Zenmuse Z3 - Gimbal Disconnected

    You do mean, X5 adaptor for an OSMO don't you? what gimbal adaptor on the I2?
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    Not recording to SSD or SD card, only internal cache

    If it's like the X5R ir always records video to both photos only to the SD
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    TB48 Battery issue

    48s are $200 and haven't seen them cheaper anywhere, just ruined 4 batteries that will become extended batteries for my Osmo and replaced them with new ones, another chunk of money invested. I tried the power cycle trick too, seemed to fix 2 but if you monitor the battery page on the app as soon...