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Recent content by Mixchief

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    DJI confirming X5S or X7S compatibility with I3?

    Didn't know there was an I3 in the works, or an X8for that matter, pretty impossible to know if there will be compatibility, furthermore the question is kind of irrelevant as any response would be speculation, can't base your purchase projections on speculation.
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    Inspire 1 pro becoming obsolete

    Carbon maybe even folding props, not cheap but very much worth it
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    Inspire 1 V2 + Zenmuse Z3 - Gimbal Disconnected

    You do mean, X5 adaptor for an OSMO don't you? what gimbal adaptor on the I2?
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    Not recording to SSD or SD card, only internal cache

    If it's like the X5R ir always records video to both photos only to the SD
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    TB48 Battery issue

    48s are $200 and haven't seen them cheaper anywhere, just ruined 4 batteries that will become extended batteries for my Osmo and replaced them with new ones, another chunk of money invested. I tried the power cycle trick too, seemed to fix 2 but if you monitor the battery page on the app as soon...
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    Inspire 1 V2 + Zenmuse Z3 - Gimbal Disconnected

    All the more reason to try another camera, see if there is a total disconnect before you have to start taking the bird apart. I'm too lazy to scroll up, is there an image from the camera on your control devise at all? Are there any rental joints that could provide you with an X5 since that is...
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    Inspire 1 V2 + Zenmuse Z3 - Gimbal Disconnected

    the connectors are the same, for all compatible cameras only difference is the suapencion mount
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    Inspire 1 V2 + Zenmuse Z3 - Gimbal Disconnected

    I have an X5R that has always worked flawlessly on the OSMO but has connection issues on the bird to this day, a bird that worked fine with my old X5, I don't think the OSMO is a good gauge in this instance, Maybe the fact that the connectors are inserted, meaning the camera over the OSMO and...
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    Inspire 1 V2 + Zenmuse Z3 - Gimbal Disconnected

    tried any other camera on your bird? have access to another? I am assuming the Z3 is used, maybe the problem is the camera, just saying
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    The Great St Bernard Pass

    As Always .... brilliant
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    Anyone look into putting a Zenmuse on a Robomaster yet?

    You do realize that it's never hat simple with DJI to Frankenstein their stuff, the fact that the processor for the Inspire 2 cameras is on board the A/C makes it that more diffucult. Now if you could be happy with an X5 or X5R mount it on an Osmo and mount that on to the R/c car, you might be...
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    OSX Mojave and CineLight

    why don't you try DaVinci Resolve, you might have better results, did you use CineLight with High Sierra? or another older OS? maybe you should go back one, I guess to high Sierra also, this kinda sucks.
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    Question for all with folding props.

    spool up once with the props folded and you will never do it again, it doesn't look pretty
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    Correct motor mount angle

    Either here or in the DJI forum there is a post that shows a precise measurement chart, from the outside tip of the propeller to the surface (of course a flat balanced surface) This measurement includes aftermarket props of carious lengths. I just don't remember the post name or exactly which...
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    Firmware updating advice

    coild That be a battery issue? There must be a chart of light codes somewhere.