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Recent content by omegaman1965

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    Some footage I captured and edited for a friend. Shot in New York City.

    Nice job... great music selection. the first guy who was trying to make trouble but failing... Look at the production... not some hack flyer. Let the professionals work. Helicopter pilots are pros, and want nothing to do with low flying where this was shot. save you time for screaming at the...
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    Using Resolve 12.5 to Edit, color and share 4K Movies....??? settings

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has been using Resolve 12.X to edit Inspire/Phantom 4 video. I am learning it for a another large project. I was thinking it might be great because of the 4K and up capabilities. Love to hear some or see examples and hear about your project settings...
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    FW - Do not update

    I can't even update. is that part of the issue? Had to remount X3 to update ship. Any work around or just wait till DJI gets it together?
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    Inspire 1 Pilot hours / distance

    where do I find this app or tab in my pilot app I have already??? thanks.