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Recent content by Phil DeVore

  1. Phil DeVore

    Inspire 2 mileage ...

    A great way to keep track of your flight data is with AirData. There’s a free version that does everything I need it to do.
  2. Phil DeVore

    ssd card for inspire 2

    It’s a micro sd card and not a sd card. The difference between the two is huge.
  3. Phil DeVore

    Heliengadin or T-Motor?

    I’ve used both of them but currently I’m flying the Tmotor CF winglet props. Personally I prefer the Tmotor. There’s really not much difference IMHO. I bought them from Florida Drone Supply and they’re awesome to purchase them from. Very helpful customer service.
  4. Phil DeVore

    Lens Recomendation for X5S

    Or any ND filters will be sufficient for balancing the 25mm Olympus lens
  5. Phil DeVore

    Heliengadin or T-Motor?

    I’m gonna stick with my Tmotor winglet props for now. I really wasn’t impressed with those other ones.
  6. Phil DeVore

    Heliengadin or T-Motor?

    Where did you purchase the Foxtech props from?
  7. Phil DeVore

    Heliengadin or T-Motor?

    I’m on my second set of Tmotor winglet props for my Inspire 2 that I bought from FDS. Couldn’t be happier!! One thing to remember to do before flying is extend the propellers fully before takeoff to stop any unnecessary vibration of the motors. And make sure you check the tightness of the...
  8. Phil DeVore

    Heliengadin or T-Motor?

    I agree totally.
  9. Phil DeVore

    Really disappointed I2 range...

    2.4ghz Titan Switch Antenna system with amplifier, directional panel and omni directional whip antennas.
  10. Phil DeVore

    TB50 batteries

    Does anyone have a set of TB50 batteries with low cycles that they want to sell? Depends on how much you want for them but if you do please contact me. Thanks guys
  11. Phil DeVore

    What to do with a damaged X5S?

    Sometimes Florida Drone Supply has used x5s cameras for sale at very reasonable prices. I purchased one from them last year
  12. Phil DeVore

    Sensor cleaning??

    You actually use those methods to clean your sensor? I’ve been told that you should never physically touch the sensor with anything other than an air bulb.
  13. Phil DeVore

    replacement dji cendance antenna ?

    I use the Titan Switch Antenna system with my Cendence remote control and don’t have any problems whatsoever. It’s a 2.4ghz amplified system that has either a directional panel or the omni directional whip antennas.
  14. Phil DeVore

    Really disappointed I2 range...

    I bought the 2.4ghz amplified Titan Switch Antenna system from Command Case, Inc. and it provides me with plenty of range. It also helps with the video feed and gives me very clear views no matter how far away I am from my HP. It comes with a directional panel and the omni directional whip...
  15. Phil DeVore

    Sensor cleaning??

    I use an air blower bulb but I never physically touch the sensor!!