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Recent content by Ranger Bob

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    X4S: Best Settings / Profile for Video

    Just bumped this post as - like the OP - I'd like a bit of advice on settings for video using this camera (in the UK if that makes a difference). Unfortunately if you do a search on this you get scores of hits - many of which have loads of pages - so if anyone could direct me straight to a...
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    What computer to buy

    I've just got a DELL Inspiron 15 7000 (a gaming computer) - most of the spec matches your requirements. Photos and video look amazing! Now I've just got to teach myself post-processing and video editing!!
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    Inter-tidal aerial mapping - filter query

    Thank you all for your advice - looks like separate filters is the way to go. Has anyone used the Freewell set; I assume the polariser can be rotated? I've read elsewhere that you should rotate the filter to max polarisation and then back it off a quarter turn - is this just for oblique shots...
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    Inter-tidal aerial mapping - filter query

    Thanks for the post. The images are actually PPed in Pix4D Pro by a colleague so we do have close control that way. With a limited budget I'm torn between getting the two kinds of fiilter in one, or getting fewer single filters for the same money. My major uncertain is whether having the two...
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    Inter-tidal aerial mapping - filter query

    Hi everyone I've been using P4D Capture and GS Pro with my I2-X4s combo for some terrestial mapping and I've had some good results back. I now need to undertake a more difficult task out over Pole Harbour however. We need to survey the eelgrass beds at low tide in order to ascertain their...
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    Pix4D Capture on IOS - battery level query

    I recently tried this mapping program with my I2 - X4S combo for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by how simple and efficient it was - it does what it says on the can! The images have gone off for PP so I'm still waiting to see how it all comes out but I did encounter one glitch...
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    DJI and the X4s Camera

    Hi Videobug I've recently acquired this combo and have always installed it during power off. Haven't had any issues with feed except one a couple of days back when the camera didn't go through it's 'dance' and no camera feed appeared. I turned the aircraft off, then on and that time all was...
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    DNG file is 'read only'

    Hi all Thanks for your replies (sorry for not responding sooner but been away on PfCO course!) This was also raised there - another thing DJI haven't let on. Will hopefully get another Windows laptop so I can start to get a few of these packages I've been hearing about (Lightroom, daVinci...
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    DNG file is 'read only'

    Hi all Took some stills in DNG for the first time a couple of days back and last night my son tried to open them on his Mac to work on them. Unfortunately though each file came up with a 'Cannot open - this file is read only' error message. I believe he tried a couple of programs with the same...
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    landing gear won't rotate up in flight or stow position after shutdown

    Right - thanks for correcting me. Useful to know this stuff in advance. Bob
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    landing gear won't rotate up in flight or stow position after shutdown

    Aha - so that is what the strange flathead 'fish tin key' is for then! It was in the box but I didn't spy any relevant screws it would fit - thanks!
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    DJI X4S Image Quality Question

    Just seen this thread. I posted elsewhere a query on final file size which has been answered (thanks guys!) but in trying to find an answer first I looked through the X4S manual which I downloaded off of the DJI site. In there it states that the X4S will not focus properly at infinity unless...
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    Image MP query

    What an informative article - thanks for sharing it. Bob
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    Image MP query

    Thanks for the answers back; Martin - I haven't done any aerial mapping yet but I am aware that height will factor into it - thank you (no offence taken; I appreciate you taking the time to comment). Michael - The photos were as JPGs so I'm guessing this is my mistake. Am I right in thinking...
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    Focus Options

    Thanks for your reply Michael - very informative. I've only used the camera a couple of times so far (literally got the I2 in the air for the first time last weekend!) and the shots and video on that day looked overexposed (all auto settings) so I'll play around a bit more with those. Most of...