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Recent content by rbycapri

  1. rbycapri

    Drone group - Northern Italy

  2. rbycapri

    Inspire 2 motor age

    100% agree.
  3. rbycapri

    Hi from Italy

    Ciao come va?
  4. rbycapri

    Weak Image Transmission with my 2019 iPad Pro 11”

    Just any late Huawei..iPad doest give me best result and often signal loss. Lol Sorry for late reply. Huawei Mediapad T5 tablet 10.5" gives wich costs me 156 euro. Gives better results than an iPad that is more than 800€. I do own multiple iPads...and yet Huawei is better if you are on a budget...
  5. rbycapri

    DJI Mounts, upgrade or ...?

    I2 is an “old platform” but still has to offer upgrades I guess !
  6. rbycapri

    Why are there so many people off loading their Inspire 2

    My opinion. Most of them doenst even swap lenses or fly pilot+slave controller. So no need i2. Just a guessing because mostly i see in selling are i2 with few batteries and even just X4 CAMERA. Also most of them goes for low budget and i2 is expencisive to maintain compared an m2. Most of...
  7. rbycapri

    Lens question.

    I agree with your statement. But i was wondering, a 360 still with that kind of lens must take lesser shots But has to be done manually. I use hdr pano instead of litchi. Might give a shot. Thanks for reply! meanwhile i guess i will get both. ****. I need find that tree where money can grow...
  8. rbycapri

    Lens question.

    Hi everyone, i was fighting about what to buy that 4mm for aerial stills with x5s. (i already use an 8-10mm round fisheye for my FF camera on a m600) or get an insta 360+long Stick In order to use both stills and videomaking tools. (i often do trips with a motorcycle with a camera, lens and...
  9. rbycapri

    Flight Records

    Same happend to friend of mine, But was done by poachers in a forest in Italy. They also shot in his direction. So he had to backpedal all the way to save his own life. He had cache+Flight log saved on his device buy couldnt do nothing about it. Well different place and different case...but...
  10. rbycapri

    Weak Image Transmission with my 2019 iPad Pro 11”

    Yea..200 bucks on Huawei cheap tablet gives better result. I will use iPad for my spare Rc 2nd pilot....
  11. rbycapri

    Mount at rear changes C o Gravity

  12. rbycapri

    Anybody use No Limit Dronez?

    Yea but it works if you do not update firmware. I can’t rollback atm..I’m on Mac platform too..I kept an old software version still can’t rollback aircraft :/
  13. rbycapri

    Weak Image Transmission with my 2019 iPad Pro 11”

    It happned with an iPad 6th generation for me. On different mobile device signal is steady. Same cable so i have no idea.
  14. rbycapri

    Anybody use No Limit Dronez?

    You can email them directly. Will reply in a day or less. I2 its a bit annoy to do since of procedure and sometime you need try multiple times. But every hack has a cost on this kind of machine if you crash sure dji will be not agreeing.. Anyway i have it on other drones and its very life saver...
  15. rbycapri

    Corrupt DNG (x5s above 30mm)

    Absurd. But yes i’ve read and seen some different ones.but reading about currupted files,its Common that only affect DNG files,jpeg are ok. This is embarassing . I will stay tuned..i see much ppl selling inspires lately..