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Recent content by rmb

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    Vehicle mount Inspire 2

    Hey Black Sky Let me know if you have any interest in helping (for hire) a video guy from Albany NY put one of the inspire 2 car rigs together. Probably not, but hey, as we are neighbors why wouldn't I ask?
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    Abandoned Island fortress

    Nice!. I am an inspire pilot from the Albany area and have taken the train past that place a thousand times. In fact I remember when the west wall (saying Bannermans Castle) was still standing. That said as I have never seen it from the air and only from the train tracks I did not know about...
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    Albany, NY area?

    Albany in the house! rb
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    What’s your poison

    or Lagavulin. Even Peatier!
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    Fireworks over NC

    Cool. Yea that sounds about like what I would expect. I am surprised that you shot at 2.7 vs. 4K. I think when I give it a shot I will shoot with your settings, but at 3840x2160 at 48fps 1/1000. That way you have the slowmo option as well as the sensor crop associated the 48fps that will allow...
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    Fireworks over NC

    Very cool perspective. Couple of question. Do I assume that you had a longer lens on so that you did not have to get as close as you appear? And the big one, what were your camera settings for ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. You managed to get great exposure on the FW and still were opened...
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    How to compete?

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    Fracking the Fog

    Really nice. I think you have inspired me (no pun intended). I spend so much time shooting video I realize how rarely I take photos and how much I like them when I do. Thanks!
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    How to compete?

    Unfortunately, Fred is right, Free doesn't make it legal. And regarding your business dilemma, with the exception of a hand full of drone ops, this aerial business is a race to the bottom. I posted this months ago after another member shared similar observations. It’s mostly because of ilegel...
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    On a Golfers tip

    Great tip, slim.slamma. I have been using quarters and gaffers tape, but the lead tape looks far more elegant Here's a question. How do you feel about the adhesive. Any possibility that it can come off in flight and is it hard to get off when you want to change it?
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    How bad is it to be continually topping-off my I2 Batteries

    Good to know S White. Thanks for chiming in!
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    How bad is it to be continually topping-off my I2 Batteries

    Ah. Now I get it. Thanks. Takes some of us older guys a while...;)
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    How bad is it to be continually topping-off my I2 Batteries

    Thank you. I guess my confusion and what I was not getting from the other posts was based on my hypothetical "flying every 20 days" scenario. I was a concern that ever 20 days I would find partially discharged batteries (90%) and that continuing to top them off the additional 10% repeatedly...
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    How bad is it to be continually topping-off my I2 Batteries

    Thanks. So to be clear if I flew let's say every 20 days like clockwork, that it would be better putting the batteries away uncharged and then simply charge them the day before or day of the flight?
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    How bad is it to be continually topping-off my I2 Batteries

    Well other than the aftermarket charger you and I are a replica. Thanks for the input, it will be great to hear if others chime in. Fly safe!