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Recent content by rmulhern

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    2 TB47 Batteries - SOLD

    PM sent
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    2 TB47 Batteries - SOLD

    Two DJI TB47 batteries for an Inspire 1. One has 15 cycles on it and the other has 1. Selling both for $125 USD shipped to CONUS from Harleysville, Pennsylvania.
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    Sold - X3 + 4 bowers ND filters and 2 more - $299

    Excellent seller! I bought another X3 he had for sale and it was in perfect condition and was shipped quickly.
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    DJI Goggles RE, CrystalSky 7.85, X3, and Osmo Handle

    Selling some items I have. All prices are USD for the items shipped to you in CONUS. I live in and will ship from Harleysville, Pennsylvania. DJI Goggles Racing Edition are a couple months old. My wife bought them for me. I just don't get to use them. I mostly fly on vacation, for a job, or...
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    Inspire 1 Pro with X5 M43 camera for sale -- SOLD!

    So, you are asking $1,769 for a Inspire 1 Pro (Inspire 1v2, X5, lens?, remote, 1 battery), 5 additional Tb48 batteries (6 batteries total), and 1 SPC4500 charger? Just trying to piece together what is in the package. Any pictures?
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    I1’s and x3’s

    Received this today. It was in great condition and works excellently. An awesome seller, very detailed, professional and a pleasure to deal with!