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Recent content by rmulhern

  1. rmulhern

    2 TB47 Batteries - SOLD

    PM sent
  2. rmulhern

    2 TB47 Batteries - SOLD

    Two DJI TB47 batteries for an Inspire 1. One has 15 cycles on it and the other has 1. Selling both for $125 USD shipped to CONUS from Harleysville, Pennsylvania.
  3. rmulhern

    Sold - X3 + 4 bowers ND filters and 2 more - $299

    Excellent seller! I bought another X3 he had for sale and it was in perfect condition and was shipped quickly.
  4. rmulhern

    DJI Goggles RE, CrystalSky 7.85, X3, and Osmo Handle

    Selling some items I have. All prices are USD for the items shipped to you in CONUS. I live in and will ship from Harleysville, Pennsylvania. DJI Goggles Racing Edition are a couple months old. My wife bought them for me. I just don't get to use them. I mostly fly on vacation, for a job, or...
  5. rmulhern

    Inspire 1 Pro with X5 M43 camera for sale -- SOLD!

    So, you are asking $1,769 for a Inspire 1 Pro (Inspire 1v2, X5, lens?, remote, 1 battery), 5 additional Tb48 batteries (6 batteries total), and 1 SPC4500 charger? Just trying to piece together what is in the package. Any pictures?
  6. rmulhern

    I1’s and x3’s

    Received this today. It was in great condition and works excellently. An awesome seller, very detailed, professional and a pleasure to deal with!