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Recent content by S White

  1. S White

    DJI out of sync with FAA

    I am clueless as to why DJI continues to force FAA certified pilots to live under their Geo-Fencing code. We know where to fly legally. Last week I had a commercial project that was fully authorized by the ATC, and was in a 400' AGL LAANC area near a Class D airport. DJI's Fly Safe showed my...
  2. S White

    is inspire 1 trustworthy ?

    I flew an I1 for years (now use only my I2). Sold it last Fall since I simply never used it. The I1 has always been a great unit. I never had a fly away or weird flight. In fact I have had a few crashes that required repair with the I2, and NEVER had an issue or crash with the I1. The power and...
  3. S White

    TB50 Car Charger?

    The Penivo charger reminds me of the DJI Mavic power plug charger. It simply is too lightweight to do the job. You are correct regarding the I2 batteries. Do not mess around with any charger that is using the power plug. The worst thing you can do for a battery is to have a charger that toggles...
  4. S White

    TB50 Car Charger?

    Basically concur with mmarian. If possible do not mess with trying to use your car battery. Several years ago I set up a recharge deal on our VW Eurovan Camper. It has a 'deep cycle' battery that is separate from the starter battery (charges when the engine is running or plugged into a...
  5. S White

    What Cendence controller iPad/tablet mount are you using?

    Am glad to hear that you have looked at all aspects of your decision. I actually have always believed that all UAS components are likely outdated by the time they reach the market. But that said, I still contend that the display visibility of the CS (and I do not even have the brightest) simply...
  6. S White

    Is the Inspire 2 still relevant in 2021 after being 4 years old?

    All great comments that I totally agree with. The only bummer with DJI dropping support of the I2 is that I need to be more careful :)
  7. S White

    What Cendence controller iPad/tablet mount are you using?

    IMHO I think that to use anything less than a CrystalSky (CS) with the great Cendence radio is a mistake. The great thing about the Cendence is that ability to swap batteries when they are low. And then those are the same batteries as the CS. A number of my projects are in cold weather. The...
  8. S White

    So my whole city is a military zone now???

    A bummer, but not uncommon. I have had a number of instances where the DJI Geo-fencing is not in-sync with the FAA maps or LAANC. And Airmap ends up being correct, and DJI is off. Totally frustrating. I have written many times that DJI needs to dump the geo-fencing stuff for those of us who are...
  9. S White

    Inspire 2 Farewell Thoughts

    I have not received my 2S yet. My Mavic Pro was one of the first models sold and it did an incredible job indoors. It handled the indoor light perfect. I was able to use the Tripod mode a lot. I am a bit concerned that the 2S will not have all the flight features as the MP did with Go4. And I...
  10. S White

    Inspire 2 Farewell Thoughts

    Excellent assessment and you are spot on! I have flown the I2 since it came out. I use it with a Cendence and CrystalSky. I just sold my backup Inspire 1 unit (loaded with X3 and Z3). You are totally right on your comments on the Mavic 3. The M3 is indeed a nice unit and produces great images...
  11. S White

    New Inspire 2 Firmware Released (12/9/2021)

    Thanks for the info. I checked it out a year or so ago and just not brave enough to mess with the DJI setup.
  12. S White

    New Inspire 2 Firmware Released (12/9/2021)

    Totally concur with my fellow I2 upgrade skeptics. I still regret the update I did that totally messed up the battery warnings. Until I figured out what it had done I was pretty freaked out since I was getting temp warnings for no reason. It still burns me that I cannot start a flight without a...
  13. S White

    Crystal Sky Or IPad?

    I have both a Inspire 1 AND 2. I use the Cendence for the I2 w/ CrystalSky. I love the setup. Have used it since it came out. I would never consider another display. It does a great job in direct sun, with NO hood needed. Totally spoiled. I tried using the CrystalSky on the I1, but the latency...
  14. S White

    How does the Mavic 3 compare to the Inspire 2?

    I was impressed with the new bird - Mavic 3. That said, I do not plan to get one too soon. I like the sensor features for some of my projects, BUT I am spoiled with the I2 camera setup. I really need to switch out lenses and I have little use for zoom. The only reason I use 25mm+ is to bring in...
  15. S White

    Do I need LAANC authorization if the airport is closed?

    I have complained for years, that professionals (aka us) should not be burdened with geo-fencing and DJI should eliminate it from our birds. We all know the regs and do not want to risk our FAA cert by abusing the airspace. Once we are able to provide documentation, DJI should pull the plug on...