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Recent content by shust

  1. shust

    I2 CrystalSky Mount Screws

    Hi All- I have lost my original mounting screws for the CrystalSky mount for my I2. I have not been able to find the OEM screws anywhere. Is there a part number or link out there? Thanks- Paul
  2. shust

    reel 2018

    Great reel i-dron! After a busy year, it's fun to look back on where you have been.
  3. shust

    Live Onscreen Viewing rec709 LUT for DLog

    Anybody else not see the little rainbow box in the upper right hand corner of the DJI Go 4 app anymore? This used to be accessible. I’m on a 7.85” Crystal Sky UB. When shooting DLog in EI mode in ProRes 4444XQ I have no option other than viewing in DLog, not ideal.
  4. shust

    Salutations from Sin City

    Hello @Daveblaster, welcome to the lower altitudes, ha. Im over in Mountains Edge, definitely my favorite time of year and makes for some dramatic footage. Drop me a line if you want to get out and fly. -Paul
  5. shust

    iPad Pro 12.9" +extras. Pristine condition

    Here is a great deal on an Apple iPad Pro 12.9". I have used this predominantly as a viewing monitor for my drone on a tripod. I am upgrading to a large field monitor as its just too bright here in the high desert. Maybe one of you is a nerd like me, having the functional of the iPad isa also...
  6. shust

    CINESSD storage case

    Very slick, I like that.
  7. shust

    SOLD - X5S 3 months old, pristine condition $1k - SOLD

    Hello- Upgrading my camera package on the I2. This is an extra camera I have that has only been lightly used since purchase new in January of this year. It includes the original caps and box with foam. Let me know if you have any questions. This is a great deal on a fantastic camera. If you...
  8. shust

    Handheld Inspire 2 Elopement

    I typically shoot elopements with a gimbal and ready-rig, decided to get ambitious and shoot handheld only using the I2 for this one. It was challenging, since you are documenting a live event, ha. Had the I2 hanging from a ready-rig and a backpack housing my controller. A nice 10' lightning...
  9. shust

    To buy or not, input appreciated.

    Boy, shooting in AK would be lots of fun. Agree with most here, the I2 is an incredible bird. X5S with Olympus glass and your image is pretty compelling. Staying away from the X7 due to propriotary lenses will save you 5k, just not worth it for the purchase for me. If I have a client that wants...
  10. shust

    Inspire 2 HDMI Monitoring Playback

    Did have some issues like this in the past. Make sure your HDMI out settings in the app match the compatibility of the monitor. I have gotten grey screens or no input message while the settings were in 1080 60fps instead of 24fps.
  11. shust

    Inspire 2 Purple Frame Issue

    Just took the bird out for some practice and decided to shoot with some different settings. Unfortunately, when I returned to review the footage, I had some purple frames that were only visable on the SSD footage. Micro SD card footage was as it should be. Did some hunting around and it appears...
  12. shust

    USA Las Vegas Day Time Waiver

    Thanks Caven, just got in communication with Travis. Appreciate you making that connection.
  13. shust

    USA Las Vegas Day Time Waiver

    Hello- We are looking for a day time waiver in the Las Vegas area for an upcoming project. Please call 310.748.7833 or email [email protected] for more information. Thanks-
  14. shust


    Great solution. On set or in the middle of no where, really makes the charging area clean and tidy. Would not think about the value.