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Recent content by SOCAL 1

  1. SOCAL 1

    Video Feed Problem

    When I am recording a screen video i get a lot of breaking up of the screen video. This does also happen when I am not recording the screen. I was wandering if any of you have had this and the solutition you found. I am flying an inspire 1.
  2. SOCAL 1

    Switched from ipad mini to Nvidia Shield K1 Not working

    The ipad mini works fine with go app and Litchi. I picked up a Nvidia shield K1 and all I can see is disconnected.. The question I have is do I have to do something to pair that to the controller. I have installed the apps to the Shield. Are there certain setting I need to modify in the shield...
  3. SOCAL 1

    videos during flight

    If you have a corrupted file put the card back into the inspire. Hit the record button and the hit it again to stop it. That will fix the previous video if you had shut off the inspire before stopping the video.
  4. SOCAL 1

    Inspire Charger - Can I leave the Batteries Plug in to the HUB

    If I have the batteries off the hub then they will discharge. I thought the hub would keep them charged so when I needed them they would be ready. Did I misinterpret that.
  5. SOCAL 1

    Inspire Charger - Can I leave the Batteries Plug in to the HUB

    I have the DJI Charging Hub. Can I leave the batteries plug in or do they need removed after they are charged. Also what is the best way to run the battery all the way down when you need to do that.
  6. SOCAL 1

    Shou app is back for iOS!

    Just installed it using Safari and it finally worked. Thanks
  7. SOCAL 1

    RTH Distance above Ground - From Home Point or Current Location

    I live on a hill and fly up the hill and down the hill. If I go up the hill and have to do a RTH and I have 100 ' set as the distance, is that from where I took off ( home point elevation) or is that 100' above the current location.
  8. SOCAL 1

    New California Law

    Log into to the California legislature link as shown in the previous post. I posted my comments. "This bill appears to be a reaction to all the headlines that is out there on the hobby drones. From what I can see and I do have a "Drone" the news blows every drone story out of proportion. Make...
  9. SOCAL 1


    so where do we order these
  10. SOCAL 1

    New Firmware v1.3.0.00 Aug 4 2015

    Do you always get the warning box in the app before low battery starts RTH and how much time you do have with the warning to hit the X and cancel before it starts
  11. SOCAL 1

    No Image / No Signal

    No it was a line in the app that said I was in Travel Mode. Hit it and it took me out of travel mode and everything worked. On the top row of the app in the very middle hit that button and it opens the status menu. Scroll to the bottom and now I have a button that says Enter Travel Mode. I am...
  12. SOCAL 1

    No Video Signal after Firmware Update

    Had the same problem. Mine was showing that it was in travel mode on the app. took it out of travel mode and everything went back to normal.
  13. SOCAL 1

    No Signal after update, found a solution

    I did my update to the new firmware, updated controller, did my IMU calibration and my compass calibration. went to do a test flight and it said no signal. It showed all the data like everything was OK and had 15 satellites etc, But red NO SIGNAL on controller and the light on the inspire was a...