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Recent content by stevet

  1. stevet

    My visit to Fly Ranch

    Here is another view from the Geyser.
  2. stevet

    Reasonable price for I1?

    With the I2 coming out I think everyone is in the same boat here to figure out how to sell their I1. I was curious what peoples price ranges would be. I have the original I1 with X3 camera, along with 6 batteries, and dual remote.
  3. stevet

    My visit to Fly Ranch

    Here is a picture of Fly Geyser which is a part of Fly Ranch. Fly Ranch was recently purchased by the Burning Man organization. I was given a private tour by one of my friends who is one of the founders of Burning Man :) Cheers!
  4. stevet

    Quick 360 Pano Lake Tahoe

    Neither PTGUI or AutoPano where able to properly give me a complete stitch so lots of manual movements of photos that where way out of place. I did get it to work or the best I could along with some touchups in Photoshop.
  5. stevet

    Quick 360 Pano Lake Tahoe

    Thanks for sharing :) hehe.. I preferPano2VR over Panotour Pro, has way more options and customizations.
  6. stevet

    Quick 360 Pano Lake Tahoe

    So I get asked this a lot as to what hardware and software I use. For this shot it was my old Inspire 1 v1. I use 3 different pieces of software and some times depending on battery life ill use them all to capture a 360 pano because results can vary. DronePan Community you can download for...
  7. stevet

    Quick 360 Pano Lake Tahoe

    Just thought I would share a 360 pano I did this morning which is a combination of 34 photos from my Inspire 1. I had a bit of a challenge since it just stopped snowing for a few minutes to get the bird up in the air. First thing I had was the battery was to cold.. I guess its getting that...
  8. stevet

    New fw v1.5.0.30 released now - 07.12.2015

    Hmm just upgraded everything, the i1 first, the batts, next then the rc's I have.. now I have no signal to the I1 anymore.. im trying a down grade to 1.4.xx but this is quite disturbing.. Anyone run into this issue so far?
  9. stevet

    Autopilot Waypoint Mode

    So I have so been waiting for actual way point system that acts as a ground station where you can preplan your flights. I have used the DJI iPad Ground Station quite a bit for aerial 3d mapping. I was pretty disappointed when we didnt see a similar ground station in the latest app/firmware. I...
  10. stevet

    New California Law

    What's the deadline for comments on this bill?
  11. stevet

    Wish there was a gimbal for my FLIR

    Wow these camera are expensive.. I wanted to do this as well but waiting a bit..
  12. stevet

    New Firmware v1.3.0.00 Aug 4 2015

    btw if your testing the autopilot app it will stop working if you upgrade the firmware.. you have been warned.
  13. stevet

    Why commercial drone pilots don't need FAA License

    Btw just because the FAA gives you a 333 exemption it still doesn't mean you can actually fly commercially. The drone pilot for your company still needs a valid pilots license, which the minimum one is a sports license.
  14. stevet

    Short Video of Webber Falls

    Thanks Mike
  15. stevet

    Short Video of Webber Falls

    Watch this in 4k if you can! follow us on Instagram aerialflightproductions