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Recent content by svarteld

  1. svarteld

    DJI Handwheel with Inspire 1 - HOWTO

    Ah, thanks for the info. Pretty dumb of DJI to not make the wheel work on the slave. Still, I'll attach it to my main controller, so thanks for the mod!
  2. svarteld

    DJI Handwheel with Inspire 1 - HOWTO

    Ah, thanks for all the info! Appreciate it. I've got a Secraft tray that will be perfect for mounting the focus wheel on. I use a 5mm to 1/4" thread adapter. It can be located left or right; the Sectraft trays have 5 mm threads there. Since the CAN bus plugs seems very similar on the Inspire 1...
  3. svarteld

    DJI Handwheel with Inspire 1 - HOWTO

    Hello, Thanks for the useful info! I'm looking to attach my Focus wheel 1 to the Inspire 1 remote. I have a question: how does the CAN bus on the Inspire 1 controller differ from the Inspire 2? I guess there's different contacts, right?
  4. svarteld

    2 RCs on 1 mount

    Ha, I wish :) But for simple flying, one stick craft movements like up/down, forward/sideways, or preferably along a path, the camera can be controlled for pitch/yaw simultaneously, and in a better way than with a small wheel. For me, it's more about smooth and composed camera movements, than...
  5. svarteld

    2 RCs on 1 mount

    Not the final one that I use now, but shows the solution. Cheers /P
  6. svarteld

    2 RCs on 1 mount

    Actually, I’ve made such a mount for that very purpose. Even more stable than the stock neck strap and one controller. It’s built on Secraft components. Will post pictures later.
  7. svarteld

    X5R: Looking for reason to not buy

    The image quality from raw files compared to everything else is in my opinion not comparable. I come from still photography, and it's not a quality option to color after balance baked-in (JPG, h264 etc) material, as I see it. The X5R has it quirks, but handled properly and with some patience, it...
  8. svarteld

    Gimbal Extension cable not working with X5

    True, X5 and X5R are not compatible with extension cords; either the DJI extension, or the Kamerar versions (pole or cord). I own the X5R and both Kamerar extensions, and they sometimes connect, but cannot maintain recording.
  9. svarteld

    DJI -INSPIRE- ONE Battery TB48 and TB47 maintenance discussion

    Actually, the SmartPowerCharge does both charge, deep cycle and storage charge (up and down). All three modes can operate individually on different batteries at the same time. Charging is at 1C, meaning not too slow, not too fast. It’s a beast of a charger and stupidly cheap, IMHO.
  10. svarteld

    Alloy QR Prop Locks

    No worries, Thanks for pointing it out.
  11. svarteld

    Alloy QR Prop Locks

    Can any of you tell me where to buy the aluminium Rim Tai-style QR prop mounts? Would appreciate it, thanks!
  12. svarteld

    INSPIRE 2 in cabin luggage !!

    Great! Do you possibly have info about what parts you used, and any tips for replicating it? I'd love to do it to my I1.