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Recent content by Unc1980

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    HOW TO: Calibrate Zenmuse X3 gimbal - guide

    Hi. Would you like to repair my gimbal? What is the cost?
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    DJI zenmuse x3 gimbal problem

    After replacing the gimbal tape and the YAW arm (YAW arm installed from the osmo gimball), the gimbal behaves in the same way as in the video: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1709856852577952/permalink/3154383264791963/ Is there any hard reset, adaptation, etc. whatever else can I do? Camera...
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    Yaw and roll arms for the Inspire x3 camera gimbal.

    Hi, tell me please- is YAW ARM Gimbal DJI OSMO X3 black and its flex connecting tape full compatible with YAW ARM Gimbal DJI X3 Inspire white and its flex connecting tape ? Do you know and could you confirm that? What should I pay attention to during fixing it?