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Recent content by yipDog

  1. yipDog

    Let's See Some Custom Paint's Or Skins!

    Took neon orange and green monokote trim sheets to the arms. MUCH better visual for orientation. Will be putting shark mouth and eyes on front.
  2. yipDog

    ND Filters

    Good to hear a fix is in the works. A graduated ND would be nice as would a circular polarizer! Was considering using a step down adapter 46mm (or 43mm) to 37mm in reverse but i think it might be a weight issue. I have a graduated 37 that fits but it is thick so it cuts into the picture
  3. yipDog

    Can the Return to Home command be cancelled?

    Your point one is interesting. I was much further than 20 meters from the home point and it certainly did not raise to the preset altitude before beelining. Have to check that out. That would have helped with the fence/gate but would have put it into one of the large trees we were under. It was...
  4. yipDog

    Can the Return to Home command be cancelled?

    I did not expect it to follow a curve. I simply forgot that the home point was at a different location and couldnt remember how to cancel RTH as it flew towards a brick wall. I have read the manual several times and with a machine this complex and me only having it a week...well...certain...
  5. yipDog

    Can the Return to Home command be cancelled?

    Flipping the mode seems like it would work. Gotta say though, it was darn near impossible to control in RTH mode. It fought my inputs. Been flying RC for a lot of years and have learned to never give up on a bird...thats the only reason shes still in one piece!
  6. yipDog

    Can the Return to Home command be cancelled?

    almost had a mishap today... Took off from one location and walked behind the drone as the shot went through a set of gates and a curve. Well, after the shot was done i hit the button and the bird started to fly back through the gate but at too low an altitude and on a straight line rather than...
  7. yipDog

    Firmware Update Goes On and On and On and.....

    I fought with the update for about an hour. Confusing cause i have a slave remote. It wouldn't update until i relinked the master to the bird. All seems back to normal but what a PITA!! Do i need to do anything to update the four batteries i have? Says it updates the battery but doesnt say how...
  8. yipDog

    4K video not real smooth

    No...30 and 24 play just fine with enough horsepower.
  9. yipDog

    4K video not real smooth

    Agreed, also the software makes a difference. QT on my 2009 MP with a pretty badarse video card cant handle it. Put it in Premiere and its perfect.