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Recent content by yostopia

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    My first commercial project using the X5R

    Heya... You may enjoy my first real project done with the X5R. Actually 80% X5R and 20% X3 because one of the shoots was in early March before I could get my hands on an R. The X3 shots include two during the intro of the guitarist walking into the ruins @ 1:08 and 1:26, plus two during the...
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    Inspire goes to Fiji, crucial to documentary.

    Bula! In this video you'll meet wonderful people on this virtual trip to Fiji, and once you get to the epilogue you'll have as direct an emotional experience of what it's like to be there as you can without flying 8,000 miles. The Inspire was crucial to this project and I made good use of it...
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    Drones for Peace

    This past weekend I was contacted by a local artist putting together a performance art project in celebration of the U.N. International Day of Peace this week (Monday the 21st). She asked me to document it, and given that it was a great excuse to fly the drone and make something about my...
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    Inspired by my local fire department.

    Thanks! I'm having such a great time learning how to use this bird and doing things that used to be either very difficult, way too expensive, or downright impossible. And regarding being a firefighter... MAN THAT'S HARD WORK! Watching them wrestling those hoses around kinda spooked me...
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    Inspired by my local fire department.

    Thanks man... glad you enjoyed it.
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    Inspired by my local fire department.

    My short about our local fire department is finally done. This piece began life on January 28th as the first real-world test of how I could get the Inspire to duplicate typical jib and dolly moves. I had the unit for less than 2 weeks and had been training with my buddy Jamie as a two-man...
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    The Hills are Alive with Sixth Graders

    I finish all my work in Davinci Resolve, and the Blur function with a value of 53-54 seems to work best for me. (50 represents no blur, so this is 3 or 4 ticks of added blur). It's bizarre having to actually add blur. I've experimented with a slightly higher blur value of 55 and then adding...
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    The Hills are Alive with Sixth Graders

    I was recently approached by a parent at my daughter’s school about filming the 6th grade singing a beautiful song, but with a “Sound of Music” treatment. He’d heard that I’d “gone aerial” and thought this would be a lovely use of the new drone. Well it was and is. This is a mix of Panny GH4 and...
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    Creating compelling narratives with the Inspire 1 (and color grading Inspire footage in Resolve)

    Hey thanks! Yes, eases are so important for the camera moves... I'm sure we'll get there. (I'm hoping to get the SDK soon so my team can write cinematography plug-ins for the Inspire, but I'm not sure of what the Pilot App api's are yet. Fingers crossed.) Nice catch on us hiding behind the...
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    Creating compelling narratives with the Inspire 1 (and color grading Inspire footage in Resolve)

    A number of people have asked me about how I graded the Inspire footage for the “Mountains Made of Chalk, Fall into the Sea, Eventually” video. Instead of trying to describe it in a written post, here’s a little video I made to illustrate the process. In short, the Inspire footage grades...
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    Using the Inspire to tell a strong narrative story.

    I just posted my team’s first narrative project using the Inspire 1 to tell the story of an artist’s journey to the top of Mt. Tamalpais near San Francisco to make an offering to the mountain. Street painter Genna Panzarella created an 8x10’ chalk mural of Mt. Tam as it was when it was whole...