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Inspire goes to Fiji, crucial to documentary.

Feb 13, 2015
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Bula! In this video you'll meet wonderful people on this virtual trip to Fiji, and once you get to the epilogue you'll have as direct an emotional experience of what it's like to be there as you can without flying 8,000 miles. The Inspire was crucial to this project and I made good use of it, even though winds were rarely less than 25mph and frequently over 35. It was their winter and they had weather! And of course my trademark timelapse techniques were put to good use. (To see that you have to watch all the way through to the end. Don’t skip! )

The Inspire was a champ, albeit with me being both pilot and camera op and being so new to AC in general, I was fairly conservative with the unit and used it mainly for big expository shots. Doing close work in 25-35mph wind around all those trees was a bit nerve-wracking so those kinds of crane/job shots are limited. But in general, that baby performed flawlessly. Had absolutely no problems and was very happy to be working in a country that didn’t have a 400’ AGL ceiling. Was very careful about situational awareness but did take it up to 1500’ a few times. Was pretty exciting, gotta tell ya.

The point is, without these aerial shots, this piece would have less than half the impact that it does. When telling a story about a beautiful place, there’s nothing like really seeing the place from the perspective of a bird. And of course the corollary is true… without an actual story, the images of the place have very little meaning.

Shot with 5 cameras… iphone, Sony RX100, Panny GH4, Sony A7s/Shogun, and DJI X3. Anticipating the X5R for sure… I’m pretty much done with the X3 and am looking forward to image quality that doesn't make me shudder. That'll make an incredible difference in the quality of the aerials. Surprisingly it all graded quite well together in Resolve, which as always is the key to making any show look its best.

So if you’re up for seeing how the Inspire footage can be integrated into a bigger story, sit back and enjoy.

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